SuitShop Co-Founders Jeanne Foley and Diana Ganz posing in suits in front of a diverse group of people wearing suits and tuxedos in various colors.

About SuitShop

SuitShop is the premiere destination for affordable, size- and gender-inclusive, and yours-to-keep suiting. Made for everybody and every occasion SuitShop offers the first and only coordinating collection for men, women, nonbinary individuals, and kids. Complete with quality to love, sizing made simple, and caring customer service, SuitShop delivers the ultimate suiting experience to get you looking and feeling your best.

Our brand was born out of Co-founder Jeanne's (not-so-great) experience suiting up her own wedding group in rental tuxedos. Going through the hassle-filled, expensive, and ill-fitting rental process, she was sure there must be a better option out there—but there wasn't.

Jeanne's background in fashion design inspired her to create a smarter suit solution herself. With the spark of an idea for the company, she partnered with childhood best friend Diana, graduate of MIT's Sloan School of Management, to create SuitShop. Together, they set out to change the industry.

SuitShop is pioneering a new path in special-event and everyday suiting. From the introduction of the women's suiting collection, to conscious and comfortable Eco Stretch fabric, unique and contemporary colors alongside classics, five showrooms (and counting) across the country, and full-service online options, SuitShop promises style that suits you, from your wedding day to every day.