Annie & Jackson

A fall wedding in Austin, TX.

About the Wedding

When Annie and Jackson's wedding photos came in, our eyes went straight to groom Jackson's custom shirt (well, after the sleek suit of course). As we pore over wedding albums, there are few things we love more than getting to know our couples through the personal touches they add to their special days, and these party sleeves are definitely a cause for celebration. Immediately we knew we had to learn more about story behind the shirt, and Annie and Jackson were happy to let us in on the details.

What sports team are you supporting? 

Auburn University.
How did you have the shirt made? 

My uncle owns a custom clothing business (J Kole Clothing), so the shirt was his wedding gift to Jackson. He added his initials to the cuffs and got him Auburn cuff links as well. The shirt was really cool because, with the jacket, on you had no idea that it wasn’t a normal dress shirt. 
Why was it important to you to include your school spirit as part of your wedding day? 

We met at and graduated from Auburn, and most of our friends and family went to school there as well. We got married during football season and won our game the day of the wedding. When the dancing started at the reception, Jackson took his jacket off to reveal his shirt, and we all sang the fight song together. One of our favorite moments of the day!
Are there any other hidden touches you included in your day that we missed? 

We also incorporated an Auburn tradition in our exit. We got married in a hotel and we couldn’t use sparklers, so we opted for orange and blue shakers like they give out at Auburn sporting events. 

Any advice for couples looking to add these types of touches to their wedding day to make it uniquely them?

I would say to think about things y’all have in common, mutual interests you share (vacations, pets, hobbies, sports teams), and how you met. We wanted to make sure we had some personal touches but didn’t want them to look overdone, so we opted for ones that would create special moments throughout the day rather than having them all over the wedding. Our wedding planner was able to provide some great suggestions too! Some of the ideas we liked but didn’t end up doing due to budget were drinks based on trips we’ve been on together, personalized table names instead of numbers, and custom cocktail napkins.

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