Annika & Tyler

A winter wedding in Longboat Key, FL.

About the Wedding

Please, tell us your engagement story.

We were celebrating my mom's birthday and Father's Day at dinner with my family. My mom had mentioned earlier in the day that she wanted family photos at my childhood home after dinner. That was my hint to dress nicer than I normally would (LOL). When we arrived home after dinner, all of our friends and family were lined up in our yard with floating candles and roses. We walked down the aisle they had created for us, and Tyler said, "I've wanted to marry you since the first day we met. Will you marry me?" It was sooo romantic, and we were so thankful our friends and family could celebrate such a special night with us!

How did you choose your wedding location? 

We live in the freezing cold in Michigan and knew we wanted to do a destination wedding on a beautiful Florida beach.

We'd love to know more about your experience in working with SuitShop.

SuitShop was amazing! Everyone answered our questions as needed via email. Exchanges were very easy when the sizing was off for the groomsmen. Would highly recommend this company!!

Any advice for marriers-to-be?

Remember why you're getting married. It's easy to get overwhelmed by all of the details and expenses that go into planning a wedding. Everything will come together as it should. 

You truly helped our day come together so beautifully!

Annika, SuitShop Bride

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