Brittni & Ashleigh

A winter wedding in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

About the Wedding

How did you choose your wedding location or to have a destination wedding? 

We chose to have a destination wedding because we both enjoy traveling and truly wanted to create moments at a location we (guests included) had never been to before. From rich jungles with hanging bridges to powerful waterfalls and to pristine beaches, Costa Rica's landscape and beauty provided us with exactly what we were looking for in a location for our wedding. Ultimately, we decided upon Villa Punto de Vista in the beautiful region of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, and we couldn't have chosen a better location–everything and everyone was amazing!

How did you choose your wedding color palette? The orange and teal are a perfect pair!

Ashleigh wanted to use the same color for the floral palette that I used when proposing in Los Cabos, Mexico: deep red, cream, and burnt orange. After solidifying florals, the task was finding dresses and suits that would not only match the floral color palette but also provide a tropical feel.

I researched high and low trying to find a vendor that could offer us both men's and women's style suits at an affordable price. For weeks, I had zero luck because most businesses didn't offer women's suits in the same style or color as the men's options. Then I stumbled upon SuitShop and the rest is history. I fell in love with the Dark Teal suits, because they provided us with a touch of greenery and that tropical feel that we were looking for. Finding our bridesmaid dresses was a piece of cake after that, because we knew that burnt orange and cream were the exact colors that would make our wedding pop.

We'd love to know more about your experience in working with SuitShop.

Working with SuitShop was stress-free. All of our questions were answered in a timely manner, which we truly appreciated. The website was user-friendly and the size charts came in handy for our bridal party. SuitShop's wedding group feature streamlined the entire coordinating and ordering process, with included automated reminders, making this aspect of our wedding planning less stressful.

It looks like your white suit was custom-made, and it's gorgeous. We have a lot marriers who choose to create custom suits for themselves. Any advice for them when searching for a custom vendor and picking out their style? 

My advice would be to find a vendor who treats you as a priority and is invested in making you stand out for your once-in-a-lifetime memory. When it comes to picking your style, have fun with the endless possibilities. Feel free to create whatever your heart desires and be sure to add subtleties that speak to your personality. 

For me, the goal was to compliment my wife, and my consultant Adeola Odutola, founder of Crown of Wealth Collection, made sure I did that without overpowering her or her dress. The suit was simplistic, but nothing about the look itself was simplistic. The gold and teal buttons complimented my bridesmaids suits. Additionally, Odutola provided me with the opportunity to embroider my very own quote on the inside of my jacket and my name on my sleeve. It was an incredible process tailored just for me.

What would be your one-sentence advice for marriers-to-be?

Create the life you desire and deserve, while cherishing every moment.

So glad that we found you all. The SuitShop team was super helpful in answering our questions, and the wedding group feature on the website made everything a breeze. The suits looked absolutely amazing.

Brittni, SuitShop Bride

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