Bryce & Brooklynn

A winter wedding in Kansas City, KS.

About the Wedding

From the getting ready outfits to the reception décor, your wedding looked so FUN. What lead you to your design choices, and do you have any advice for couples looking to embrace the bold on their big day? 

The most common feedback that we got during and after the wedding is that is was such an "us" wedding. So if my personality (hi, I'm the bride!) could have been expressed in a wedding design, we wanted to make it happen–from the elaborate DIY wedding altar to the sparkly wedding gown.

Probably the hardest decision at the beginning of the process was choosing colors. Being in the industry ourselves, we had worked with or seen about every color combo you could imagine, and I was thinking that it was going to be too expensive to do bold colors and be able to execute it well enough. Pink, orange, teal, leopard, and sparkles. Those are all colors, right? IT COSTS THE SAME to go neutral or be bold with wedding décor. White candles or hot pink candles... same price! Blush flowers vs orange flowers... same price. Black acrylic bar sign vs teal acrylic bar sign... same price. You get what I'm saying here. If you're considering using color, let this be your sign to DO IT. In reality, planners, florists, ect. get excited when they get to be creative and work with bold statement colors. Make your wedding represent you and your partner, and you will have no regrets looking back. 

Lastly, I would say when you're looking to gift your bridal party anything, don't just spend money just to spend money. Be intentional about what they can use and incorporate into their everyday life so that when they wear or use the item, they think of the wonderful day they had celebrating you and your spouse. For us, custom dyed sweat suits with printed initials on the sleeves were the perfect choice, and in the month since our wedding, we've seen almost every party member rewearing their sweatsuits in Instagram stories or when we're out spending time with them.

We know vendors are so important to you. Tell us about your business and how you found the vendors who made your wedding a success. 

Vendors really are what make this extravagant wedding world go 'round. For us, we have a unique involvement in the wedding industry in that we own a cotton candy business called Sugar + Sky that is primarily used for spinning and serving guests at weddings during cocktail hour or various other times during a reception. We also have been involved in topping signature cocktails or champagne toasts with custom cotton candy colors and flavors. We've even done cotton candy wedding cakes! More importantly than just dessert, we are providing a memorable experience that guests don't forget!

Through three years of being in the wedding industry in Kansas City, we have managed to work with the best of the best, making our vendor decisions for our wedding day very hard. I think the lineup that we ended up working with was more than perfect, professional, and also loving towards us. They perfectly executed my very detailed design vision. We cared so much about the vendors for the wedding that we took a group photo with every wedding vendor in the room and even incorporated them into our seating chart. It's really nice as a vendor to be recognized by name and included in the celebration. As a vendor, you spend time getting to know your clients in the planning process and develop a genuine care and value for them, so when the big day comes, you feel emotionally invested. It's always about more than just a paycheck in this industry, and it shows. And if it doesn't feel like that's the case for you and your team, you may want to consider finding some different vendors!

We'd love to know more about your experience in working with SuitShop!

We actually found SuitShop through a styled shoot we were both involved in back in June, which happened to be the same shoot we got engaged at (photo credit: Juliana Noelle Jumper). We had the groom model in the Deep Teal suit, and I was genuinely obsessed with the color. I noticed it was very unique in that it could appear really dark, green, or blue depending on the light you were viewing it in. We decided to have our groomsmen all wear this exact color suit. It was the obvious choice as no other place I searched had the same color and quality that I was looking for. The groomsmen all raved at the ease of using the SuitShop site to order and were impressed with the speed and quality of the suits. All the sizing was spot on, and each guy only needed a hem on the pant leg, which is normal for alterations. In fact, we got more selfies of the guys trying their suits on when they arrived than we did of the bridesmaids with their dresses! We would choose to use SuitShop again and again.

The groomsmen all raved at the ease of using the SuitShop site to order and were impressed with the speed and quality of the suits.

Brooklynn, SuitShop Bride

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