Emma & Mike

A summer wedding in Iceland.

About the Wedding

Please, tell us your engagement story! 

We got engaged via sloth. Mike contacted Emma’s favorite sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica and had a sloth crawl over to a sign that said “Will you marry me?” Emma was so distracted by the sloth she didn’t even see the sign at first, or Mike on one knee behind her.

What made you choose to elope and why Iceland? 

We knew we wanted our wedding day to be an adventure. We love traveling and outdoor activities. We try to do a new activity or go somewhere new every weekend. Iceland aligned with our adventurous spirits, and we loved the idea of being married in nature. 

We see a lot of personal details in your photos, from the stuffed animals to ring ceremony and horn you're drinking out of. Tell us more about what these special touches meant and how you chose to include them in your day. 

We had a pagan Ásatrú wedding ceremony. These ceremonies have a strong connection to nature and the environment around you. This type of ceremony helped us feel more connected to the place where we were married. 

We had our wedding when Covid travel restrictions were still around, so instead of guests, we brought plushies from home and dressed them up in bow ties and flower crowns. We even had a sloth plushie ring bearer! 

We'd love to know more about your experience in working with SuitShop.

We went all over the place trying on suits, but SuitShop had the nicest fit and best quality. The Denver store was one of the newer ones in town, but everyone there was friendly and welcoming. They were patient and showed us all the different options until we found one we liked. 

Any advice for marriers to be? 

Never stop being friends.

We went all over the place trying on suits, but SuitShop had the nicest fit and best quality.

Mike, SuitShop Groom

Black tie elegant elopement attire with black tuxedo and tulle off-white wedding ballgown.
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pagan Ásatrú wedding ceremony
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elopement picnic at Icelandic waterfall with geometric wedding photo backdrop