Emma & Paul

A summer wedding in Petoskey, MI.

About the Wedding

Q: Please, tell us your engagement story!

A: Paul and I met in college at Franciscan University of Steubenville in Steubenville, OH. We had spent some time together in a group of friends but never alone. That all changed when we had a cookie fundraiser for my household, Carae Domini, (similar to a sorority) called "Cookie Call". Paul bought cookie dough but didn't know how to bake cookies. That afternoon was the first time we ever spent time together just the two of us. We baked cookies to the tune of oldies in our dorm kitchen! Soon it started to pour, and Paul asked if I wanted to dance in the rain... can you believe it? Practically out of a movie. Of course I said yes. From that day we have been inseparable. 

A few years into dating, we spent a year long distance. Paul had one year left of schooling and I started a job as a teacher. Every month, Paul made a special trip to visit me, and those weekends were precious. Often times, we would go on dates to Frankenmuth, MI (as a side note, this is my plug for Frankenmuth... if you haven't been, you need to go!! Named Michigan's Little Bavaria, it is a little town where everything is German... so fun!!)

Fast forward and we were finally living in the same zip code again (yay!) and my family took their annual trip to Frankenmuth to Bronners, the world's largest Christmas store. This is one of my favorite family traditions--I am absolutely obsessed with Christmas time (truly the most magical time of the year). Paul took me into the Silent Night Chapel, a replica to the Silent Night Chapel in Austria (where I studied abroad!) and proposed. It was the easiest yes I have ever made. We stayed in the chapel together to pray and to thank God for the gift of each other.

Q: What made you choose your venue and theme? 
When picking a wedding venue and theme, it was really important to me that our wedding be defined by simple elegance. A classic, timeless look and feel that is equally welcoming as it is beautiful. Our location was stunning- and Camp Petosega has great familial significance as well. Growing up in northern Michigan, we are surrounded by the water! But Pickerel Lake has always held a special place in my heart. This location has been home for many family camping trips and graduation parties- it seems to be the place that family comes together. Not to mention it is an absolutely incredible view. Being by the water has always brought me peace, and I am so thankful to have our tented wedding reception right on the water, where my family historically gathers to celebrate one another! Northern Michigan is known for being God's Country, not just because of the water and million dollar sunsets, but also because of the wildlife. I wanted our wedding theme to include lots of greenery and beautiful florals that reflected this. 

Q: We know it was important to you to incorporate everyone you love, can you tell us more about that?

A: Including the people we love was so important to us on our special day. We were so blessed to have very supportive families, and a wedding party full of wonderful friends. We also found ways to honor the family that has come before us. Paul wore the tie clip and cuff links from his Pap (grandpa) who passed away. I was able to wrap my bouquet with an embroidered handkerchief that was my great-grandmother's. We also had photos of our loved ones who have passed on displayed at our reception.

Q: How was your experience working with SuitShop?:

A: As for SuitShop, where do I begin? What an incredible choice! I started looking for affordable options for Paul and our groomsmen and found that renting a suit was almost as much, if not more, than buying a suit. Enter in SuitShop: The suit that is not only affordable, but our groomsmen got to end the day with a quality suit that they now get to take home! Our groomsmen really appreciated the flexibility, and Paul has since bought a second suit from the SuitShop for another wedding party he is in! I would 100% recommend SuitShop's wonderful customer service to anyone for all their wedding needs.

Q: Any advice for brides/grooms to be? 

A: My advice for bride and groom's to be is simple: don't get so caught up in your wedding that you lose sight of your marriage. It's so easy to lose sight of what the day is about, but at the end of the day, your wedding is just that: A DAY. Your marriage is forever. Make sure to spend time preparing for your marriage and the life you are building together.

Our groomsmen really appreciated the flexibility, and Paul has since bought a second suit from the SuitShop for another wedding party he is in! I would 100% recommend SuitShop's wonderful customer service to anyone for all their wedding needs.

Emma Radatovich, SuitShop Bride

Groomsmen proud of their groom on his wedding day, wearing Navy Suits with mauve ties from Birdy Grey
Wedding party in Navy Suits & Mauve Birdy Grey Bridesmaids Dresses
Bride and Groom Kissing in Navy Blue Suit
Groom in Navy Suit Adjusting his Tie
Bride and groom in Navy Suit surrounded by elegant greenery on their wedding day