Amy & Griffin

A fall wedding in Detroit, MI.

About the Wedding

We are lucky to partner with Amy and Griffin's photographer, Emily Kyle Photography, and planner, Christa Graham Weddings & Events, so for this feature we took time to get the vendors' perspective on the wedding.

Emily, how did you get started as a wedding photographer?

My love for photography started when I attended a fine art magnet high school where I first studied film photography (and spent my 4 years in a dark room!). Then I went on to study photojournalism in college, but while I loved photography, I realized that wasn't the industry for me. Meanwhile, I had spent one summer assisting a local wedding photographer and quickly fell in love with wedding days and working with couples. I found a form of photojournalism that was right for me and began 2nd shooting more and more weddings until I started taking clients of my own. And I haven't looked back since. Now after several years, I've started my own business. 

How does a couple’s wedding attire impact the photos and your plans as photographer?

It may sound somewhat obvious, but the most important thing about your wedding attire is that you're comfortable in it and you love it. And not just comfort in the sense that you can freely move around, but also that you feel like the best version of your true self. Confidence and comfort show in your photos! You won't be tugging at your attire all day, and you'll exude confidence because you know you look good. And on my end, wedding attire–particularly dresses–can affect the prompts or poses I give couples on the wedding day. My work is often pretty dynamic and movement-forward, but that depends on how easily a bride can move in her dress. And this may sound a little silly, but the bigger the dress (especially the longer the train or veil) the longer photo sessions can take because of laying out the dress. This isn't really something you'll notice as a couple, but it's something I'm always considering in my head as I find inspiration throughout the day and guide my couples through different prompts in our allotted time for photos. 

We know most of the wedding attire photography focus typically goes to gowns, but what do you like about capturing suits and other styles involved in the big day? Do you have any tips for highlighting wedding attire?

Details! I love the details and I find them such a fun and intimate way to express a couple's personal style and interests. Whether that's with boutonnieres, pocket squares, unique ties and bow ties, cuff links, the inner lining of the suit jacket, or anything else, these details tell a story and invite interest in the photos. When couples put a lot of thought into the little things like that, it's a really fun thing to capture throughout the getting-ready part of the day as well as during the couple's portraits. 

How did you work with the couple ahead of time, and was there anything in particular they were hoping for in their wedding photos?

I worked with Amy and Griffin (and their wedding planner, Christa) pretty significantly leading up to the wedding on the timeline for the wedding day to ensure the couple's priorities were reflected in the way we allocated time and to ensure enough time was devoted to portraits, so I can deliver on what I had discussed with the couple. For Amy and Griffin, it was important to capture how much fun they like to have together along with their more romantic sides. They wanted to spend as much time together as possible which made a first-look (seeing one another prior to the ceremony) a must. 

What was your favorite part of photographing this wedding?

Aside from how fun and easygoing Amy, Griffin, and all their people were, it was fun to photograph such a colorful and unique day! The entire wedding party got ready together up until Amy and Griffin got dressed, which is slightly unconventional, so it was a fun change of pace for me. Their wedding was also really colorful, and I loved their mixed-gender wedding party! It's really inspiring and gets the creative juices flowing when the clients trust you and your process and bring a lot of themselves to the wedding day with thoughtful details and plans that truly celebrate their relationship. 

Do you have a favorite shot featuring the wedding’s attire and couple’s style? What do you love about it?

The shot [where Amy and Griffin are standing in the middle and their wedding party is on either side of them] is probably my favorite and a really good representation of this particular couple and their day. It's colorful, they're laughing and smiling, their people are surrounding them with love (literally), and it's not perfect. Amy and Griffin wanted to capture their day as it was, have fun in the process, and they love the in-between moments. This photo is all of that!

Christa, how did you get started as a wedding planner? 

I have always loved hosting events–both small gatherings at home and large community events–but I started wedding planning in 2017 when my family moved from Georgia to Michigan. I started out offering my assistance to established planners and grew my own business steadily over the last 7 years.

Did you enjoy working with this couple’s color palette and wedding style? What elements did you love? 

Absolutely! Their color palette worked very well with the industrial-style venue. I love that they wanted potted plants for their centerpieces instead of traditional florals. The plants doubled as favors that their guests could take home, as well!

What was special about Amy and Griffin’s wedding? 

Both of their jobs are extremely time-consuming, so they don't get a lot of alone time together. (In fact, they were long-distance until just a couple of months before their wedding, while the groom finished grad school.) So, when they hired me, they were looking for someone who could do most of the leg-work in planning their wedding. I was honored to create an event where they could be together, spend time with their friends and family, and just enjoy the day!

How did you work with the couple ahead of time, and was there anything in particular they were hoping for in their wedding design? 

We discussed their values, wedding wishes, and priorities in depth at the beginning of the planning process. From there, they trusted me to create something very meaningful and memorable. I love that they prioritized being together throughout the day, even getting ready together with all of their friends!

What was your favorite part of planning this wedding? 

They really trusted me fully to execute their vision!

The most important thing about your wedding attire is that you're comfortable... Confidence and comfort show in your photos! You won't be tugging at your attire all day, and you'll exude confidence because you know you look good.

Emily, Wedding Photographer

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