Dan & Stef

A fall wedding in Philadelphia, PA.

About the Wedding

The Overview

Dan and Stef celebrated their wedding on a beautiful, crisp fall day in Pennsylvania at an outdoor ceremony with rich punchy colors and whimsical decor. An absolutely joyful autumn wedding, the event lived up to its hashtag, #DanAndStefsSweetestDay.

The Setting

Set in a lush, forest backyard, the twisted branch altar, a wooden lodge pagoda backdrop, and hanging lanterns serve as the focal points. The trees themselves were caught at the perfect moment as the leaves changed color, so reds, oranges, and yellows were all present among the greens. Those same fall colors were represented further in the decorations. In a unique wedding aisle idea, Dan and Stef used the autumn leaves to line the walkway instead of traditional flowers or flower petals.

The Wedding Attire

The attire was equal parts classically regal and playful. Stef wore a long sleeve ivory lace A-line wedding gown paired with a crystal bridal tiara. Jewel tones in her sapphire pendant necklace and big, bold fuchsia bouquet brought a personal twist for this bridal look and tied in with the autumn shades all around. Dan went with a dark, forest green wedding suit–already a fresh take on a classic groom suit–and layered it with a light brown tweed suit vest. Light colored suit accessories finished the outfit; a white dress shirt and white neck tie made the look polished and refined. Not only did this his all the right fall wedding notes, but the styling also calls to mind an English countryside vibe or a tea party aesthetic with colorful personality added in.

The Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

The wedding party's outfits played a big part in defining and reinforcing Dan and Stef's wedding color palette. The bridesmaids wore mix and match velvet dresses in varied jewel tones, from rust to burgundy, deep blue, and eggplant. The range of shades did a beautiful joy mirroring the fall colors of the leaves while adding in the other, coordinating shades in the couple's wedding color scheme. The groomsmen sported a similar suit look to Dan, wearing green suits with brown tweed suit vests underneath. Instead of echoing the white-on-white shirt and tie look from Dan's outfit, though, the groomsmen each wore different bold tie colors in jewel tones to match the bridesmaids.

The Extra Details

Dan and Stef highlighted their passion for their favorite sports team on their wedding day, too. In an ode to the Philadelphia Eagles, the couple brought in some other raptors to help them celebrate. An owl and a hawk to take photos with kept the wedding reception exciting, but that wasn't the end of the Eagles love. To end the night, Dan and Stef added football jerseys over their outfits to make a statement during their wedding exit sparklers.

"The wedding party's outfits played a big part in defining and reinforcing Dan and Stef's wedding color palette."

Editorial, SuitShop

Newlywed pose in front of the altar with autumn wedding vibes for bride in lace long sleeve wedding gown and groom in forest green wedding suit and tweed vest.
Fall colors wedding party in velvet mix and match bridesmaids dresses and forest green groomsman suits.
Jewel tone wedding party with groomsman in a dark green suit and brown tweed vest high-fiving bridesmaid in eggplant purple velvet dress.
Fall bride in lace dress and groom in green suit and tweed vest at outdoor wedding ceremony.
Sports themed wedding kiss under floral arch with sparkers.
Autumn leaves wedding decor lining the aisle as groomsman and bridesmaid walk down.
Jewel tone wedding party posing for fall wedding.
Football themed wedding exit with bride and groom wearing Eagles jerseys under a sparkler arch.