Olivia & CJ

A winter wedding in Boca Raton, FL.

About the Wedding

Please, tell us your engagement story!

I thought we were headed to Friendsgiving (that had been planned on the calendar for awhile) at my best friends’ apt. After I arrived, the boys said they had to go pickup the turkey at whole foods. While we were waiting, my friends and I started taking photos. They complained the lighting looked a little weird, to which I agreed, so they suggested we take some pics on my friends’ apt rooftop.

As soon as I swung open the rooftop door, I noticed a photographer crouched down taking photos. I wasn’t exactly sure what he was taking photos of (the rooftop door??) but started backing up to get out of his shot. My friend started pushing me forward, and around the corner I saw my fiancé, the cutest gold heart balloons, rose petals all over the floor, tea lights in the shape of a heart, and light up letters on a table that spelled out ‘MARRY ME’. That’s when I realized what was happening! He led me to a spot with a view right in front of the Empire State Building and dropped down on one knee. It truly was the happiest moment (and the most surprising moment!) of my entire life! Everything was perfect.

After taking a ton of photos, CJ told me the next surprise is that we were going to have a photoshoot at a surprise location! I get blindfolded in the taxi, and when we arrive at the location, CJ leads me into the unknown location. After pulling the blindfold off, I see that we’re in the bar where CJ & I’s first date was. I see my mom, dad, sister, little nephew, my best friend from high school – who ALL flew in from Texas! Plus, a lot of our sweet New York friends! I started crying tears of happiness from feeling so much love, and we celebrated the night away together.

What made you choose your venue and theme? 

It was just stunning - it had that 'wow' factor - so elegant, classy, and felt truly perfect for us.

We'd love to know more about your experience in working with SuitShop! 

We used to live in Chicago and we ended up going into the showroom. CJ tried on some suits and really liked the one he chose. We didn't want to make the groomsmen buy an expensive tux or suit they may never wear again, and loved that SuitShop's suits are really great quality and super affordable prices. The service was top notch there, and our experience was great. I always recommend to my fellow engaged couples!

Tell us more about The Liv Style and your passion for fashion. How did this affect your wedding style decisions? 

I started my fashion blog, The Livstyle, as a creative outlet for me to share my unique style and passion for fashion! I want to inspire and encourage others to express their style and have the confidence while doing so. As for wedding planning, it was all about styling and making sure everything fit together perfectly. Shopping for dresses was SO much fun. I actually had three different outfits on my wedding day. My wedding dress, my traditional Chinese wedding dress, and a final reception/exit dress. I made sure each one was super unique, but really felt like my style. It was a blast getting to pick out three dresses and rock them! It was also fun to style CJ and help him pick out his suit.

Any advice for brides/grooms to be? 

I know it's hard, but try not to stress during this time! Think about why you're getting married and why you're planning a wedding - to celebrate your love! This should be the happiest time of your life being engaged - you found your person and you'll be spending forever with them! Enjoy the planning process as well - it goes by so fast - I miss wedding planning :)

We didn't want to make the groomsmen buy an expensive tux or suit they may never wear again, and loved that SuitShop's suits are really great quality and super affordable prices.

Olivia, SuitShop Bride

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