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SuitShopping in the Showroom

An environment fit for all to find the perfect fit for you. Better than a rental, we help you own your style. Try on a suiting experience like never before: relaxed and fun, like a visit to your liveliest, trendiest friend's place. Appointments are always free; welcome to the party.

Style with Experts, Free

Always free of charge, work with our expert stylists to determine your ideal look: nail down suit color, complementary ties, shoes, and everything to complete your style.

Score Your Perfect Fit

Our simple suit fittings process is stress-free and gets you your best size. We'll choose great options, and you get unlimited try-ons to ensure a like-custom fit.

Bring Your Party People

Coming to a suit shop for a wedding? Make the fitting a celebration, whether it's on your own, with a loved one, for your whole party. We have an appointment type to suit you.

Walk out Hands-Free

Try-on in person but the garments are shipped directly to you within 7-10 business days, so you can keep the celebration going.

Drop off Returns

Have a suit or accessory you want to return or exchange? No problem! If we have a suit store near you, feel free to swing by the showroom and we'll take care of it!

Options to Suit Your Needs

Appointment Types

Book an appointment that caters to your specific suit-uation to get the most out of your experience fitting in-person at a suit store. Local showrooms offer specialized appointment types within these categories, so find what fits at the SuitShop near you.

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Individual Fitting

Heading into the showroom on your own? A quick suit fitting or styling appointment makes suit shopping a snap, whether you're looking for an event or personal style.

Ideal time out from event date: 3 months-6 weeks

Soft smile closeup wedding photo with one shoulder puff sleeve wedding dress & navy tuxedo for wedding.

Engaged Couple Consultation

Wedding planning? Bring your fiancé to see colors and styles and try on sizes and accessories. We'll walk you through next steps and find your perfect wedding suits.

Ideal time out from event date: 5-6 Months

Guys in navy groomsmen suits laughing at modern suit store during group wedding fitting appointment.

Group Fittings

Get the party started! Bring your loved ones or wedding party for wedding suit fittings as a group. Wedding dress shopping has nothing on us: get your fit and make it fun!

Ideal time out from event date: 3 months-6 weeks

The Timeline

Just fashionable, never late. You get your suit on time every time.

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Showroom Locations and Virtuals

Suits and tuxedos on display with women's workwear and colorful accessories.


1115 Howell Mill Rd Suite P115, Atlanta, GA 30318

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Showroom FAQs

While SuitShop is an online-first brand, the showrooms enhance the suit shopping experience: get expert fitting and styling, see the colors and fabrics in person, and more. Book an appointment at a showroom near you to get fitted for a suit on your own, or for weddings, bring loved ones or the whole wedding party as a fun piece of the celebration. If you're still wedding planning, come in with your fiancé for an engaged couple consultation! SuitShop showrooms make suiting easier than ever.

If you're coming in for a single fitting, we ask that you come alone so we can give you and everyone the best experience. However, we also invite you to book a group appointment (we've got options for anywhere from 2 to 10 people), so choose what suits you best and bring the crew!

While our suits will likely look custom on you, SuitShop suits are off-the-rack! This makes getting suited up quicker, simpler, and more affordable than ever. We offer one of the broadest ranges of sizes, lengths, and fit types, which allow us to get that like-custom look you love!

While we do not offer alterations in-store, our showrooms can always provide trusted local tailor recommendations. Plus, with our like-custom fit and size range, alterations are typically kept to a minimum.

Our fittings do not involve measurements, so we do not take any measurements in store for SuitShop suits or for other suiting needs. For our suit fittings, our expert stylists are able to make size recommendations for our suiting, and you can make use of our data-backed Fit Finder in store or online to determine your size.

No problem! SuitShop is an online-first brand, so absolutely everything you need to get your perfect suit is here on our website. From our data-backed Fit Finder, Fit Guide, and How-To Hub to our free shipping, returns, and exchanges to make it all risk-free, we're certain we'll get you what suits you best. Plus, we'll bring the showroom experience to you! Book a virtual appointment to get expert styling assistance, discuss your goals or concerns, get size recommendations, and plan your complete look!