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For engaged couples planning their special day.

Our trial option is exclusively designed for engaged couples planning their weddings. The just-right fabric, fit, and color is important for everyone, wedding planning or not, so don't worry—if you're not part of an engaged couple, we have options just for you.

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Select the styles you'd like to try on at home, up to a limit of $500. That's enough to try sizing, accessories, or two full suits!

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Once you've selected your look, simply place your order. We'll get your items sent out right away—no waiting around.

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Get to know how your suit feels, looks and fits. Compare it against your other colors, imagine it in your venue, and see if it's right for you.

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If you keep your items, you'll be charged 7 days after delivery. If things didn't work out, returns and exchanges are easy and free.

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Before you take your formalwear relationship to the next level and make it serious, take your suit or tuxedo for a test drive. Get a feel for the colors, fit, fabric, and our service—without the commitment.

Men's Textured Gray Suit

Men's Textured Gray Suit

Eco Stretch Product
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Trial FAQ

We don't recommend it. Our trial is thoughtfully designed for engaged couples who want to coordinate suiting—fabric, color, and more—with the rest of their celebration's aesthetic. You will get the same great risk-free service by placing an order directly and taking advantage of our free returns and exchange policy.

If you like the look and feel, great! We've got a size for every body, and we'll get you a perfect fit. We'll proceed as if you're keeping your suit and move on to a simple exchange for your proper size(s). If you're not sure what size you need, our stylists are here to help! If you don't get a size you're happy with, you're always able to return for a refund (but we don't think this will be an issue!).

You can add up to $500 worth of products to your trial order. For you, that might look like 2 suits or tuxedos or a combination of suiting and accessories like shoes, a dress shirt, a belt, a tie (or a few ties to compare), cufflinks, and beyond. We want you to get a sense of your options and preferences while getting the chance to experience our colors, fabric, and quality in person for yourself.

At checkout, a hold for the full amount of your order will be placed on your card to be used if you choose to keep your items, but you are not charged upfront. If after your 7-day trial, you decide to keep some or all of your order, you will only then be charged for the items you keep. Your 7 days begin when the package is delivered.