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Best-Dressed Homecoming: 2022 Homecoming Trends and Style Guide

By Lily Ertischek on 2022-08-27

Classic, trendy homecoming group outfits. Blue homecoming dresses and purple homecoming dresses with traditional suits and tuxedos for homecoming.

Back-to-school season is here, and Homecoming is close behind. The official kickoff to the high school social year, Homecoming is the perfect opportunity to lay the foundation for how you want the rest of your year to go--especially with your style. Use your look to show off your personality and make your mark. This fall, the Homecoming trends are coming through strong, and blended with always-in-style, classic Homecoming looks and your own preferences, there's a Homecoming outfit for everyone.

Wild Style

2022 all about going bold with dopamine dressing and bright, playful shades and prints. Nothing embodies that quite as well as animal prints, which are showing up in a big way this year. Leave behind cheesy, all-over pattern and add in pops of fun with cheetah, leopard, or zebra touches throughout your outfit.

Suit pants and suspenders with cheetah print bow tie for homecoming.
Try the animal print homecoming trend with a zebra print neck tie.

Left: CDN; Right:

Parisian Party

You’ll see Parisian-inspired style trending across the board this year, and Homecoming outfits are no exception. The look is defined by effortless basics and fabrics. To tie this all into your style for Homecoming, think silks, stripes, slouchy button downs, and scarves or ribbons instead of a tie. Another piece of dressing the Parisian part is playing with the idea of gender norms in your composed outfits. Try adding more traditionally feminine elements like sparkles, drapey fabrics, jewelry, or other accessories to a basic masculine outfit; for classically feminine looks, consider adding in more masculine, structured elements. A new take on this style is women’s suiting, which you can style whichever way suits you best!

Parisian style for homecoming with a masculine/feminine look. Women's white tuxedo jacket and black bow tie.
Parisian style for homecoming 2022 with ribbon for neck tie.

Left: SuitShop; Right: Pinimg

Streetstyle to the Dancefloor

Keep your everyday-cool style and turn it up a notch to make it dancefloor-ready. Bright, statement-making shades and monochrome, coordinated sets are big trends right now, and they work perfectly for Homecoming, too. Especially with a bold color as the base of your ensemble, try making your footwear ultra-casual and athletic to bring in a streetstyle feel to your Homecoming look.

Streetstyle look for homecoming 2022 with burnt orange suit coordinated set.
Streetstyle homecoming 2022 look with women's dark green suit vest coordinated set.

Left and right: SuitShop

Do More

The whole point of the event is to have fun, so add that energy to your look, too. Whatever style you choose--anywhere from traditional to ultra-trendy--you can make it all the more fun and clearly you with the accessories and finishing touches. If you don't want to do anything too over the top or you're hoping to stay true to the classics, opt for jewelry, a pocket square, cufflinks, shoes, or even shoe laces that add a pop and feel perfectly in line with your style. To play things up a little more, go for unexpected additions like sunglasses or a hat.

And Beyond

Even beyond some of these big Homecoming trends for the year, there are still endless ways to switch up your style and create your own perfect Homecoming look.

IRL and Styled Inspo

featuring SuitShop

Girls homecoming dress alternative outfit in burgundy women's pantsuit.
Homecoming selfie with sequin dress and navy suits and bow ties.

Left: @leyla_finleyy on Instagram; Right: SuitShop

Light tan and deep teal suits for homecoming 2022 with cool sunglasses.
Artsy girl's homecoming outfit for 2022 with layered, full skirt and women's white tuxedo jacket.
Girl's light blue homecoming suit with sparkly boots.
Tuxedo and boutonniere outfit at special event.

Left: @rhodetripperphotography; Right: @richardromanjr on Instagram

Burgundy tuxedo jacket for guy's homecoming 2022 outfit plus flower crown.
Group of girls suited up for homecoming 2022.

Left: SuitShop; Right: @theperfectplannc on Instagram

Now you know what to wear to homecoming 2022. Build out the look with the perfect foundation pieces. Shop blazers, suit pants, vests, accessories, and more.

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