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Three men dressed for the office in smart casual outfits for work, including a monochromatic men's navy suit, dark grey suit for men, and a professional light blue suit.

Workwear Style Refresh for Professionals and Students

Find the answer to what to wear to work, serious classes, meetings, interviews, internships, and general suit style for wherever this fall season. Perfectly suited for any buttoned-up style, this is your guide to starting, updating, or enhancing your professional wardrobe, for dress codes and circumstances from casual to all-suits all-the-time.

open collar wedding look

Do I have to wear a tie for my small wedding at home?

There are no rules saying that you have to wear a tie to a wedding. We’ve had numerous grooms suit up sans tie and still look sophisticated.

How should I carry my phone, wallet, and keys in my suit pockets?

How should I carry my phone, wallet, and keys in my suit pockets?

Where should I put my phone, wallet, and keys while I'm wearing a suit? Keep as many items as you can at home and out of your pant pockets. And, utilize the inside chest pocket of your jacket.

What to wear to a wedding men

Does my outfit have to match my date?

Q: My girlfriend and I are attending a wedding together, do my clothes have to match what she’s wearing? 

what watch should I wear with a suit?

What watch should I wear with a suit?

Wondering what watch to wear with a suit and if you can wear an apple watch with a suit? We've got answers and tips for finding the best watch to match your outfit.

women's tuxedo

As a woman, men's suits never fit but women's styles don't match my personality. Any advice on how to shop for suiting?

Men's suiting patterns are made for a man's body, if you have curves or a bust you will notice that the suit just doesn't drape correctly. When I tried on a suit from SuitShop for the first time it wasn't overly feminine or masculine, it just FIT.

womens tuxedo

Can I wear a veil with my women's tuxedo?

Trends for veils paired with women’s pant suits and wedding tuxedos for women.

wedding invitations

What dress code should I specify on my wedding invitations?

Designing your wedding invitations and not sure if you need to include a dress code? We break down the different terms to note attire on your wedding invitations to help you plan for your big day!

navy blue tuxedo

How to style a navy blue tuxedo?

Thinking of wearing a navy blue tuxedo for your wedding? Our stylist gives tips on tuxedo accessories and how to style your groomsmen.

blue wedding shirts for men

Can I wear a colored or patterned shirt on my wedding day instead of a white dress shirt?

Don't want to wear a white wedding dress shirt for men? Try something different! Tips for wearing a colored or patterned dress shirt for your wedding.

micro wedding attire for the groom

Should I still wear a suit to my micro wedding?

Planning an intimate micro wedding and wondering what that means for your attire? We recommend dressing up for the biggest day of your life!

what is cocktail attire for men

What is cocktail attire for men?

Not sure what cocktail attire for men really means? We recommend a suit a tie. Not semi formal wedding attire and not too casual cocktail attire.