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As a woman, men's suits never fit but women's styles don't match my personality. Any advice on how to shop for suiting?

Published on June 16, 2020 Updated January 25, 2024

By Natalie Kenney
women's tuxedo
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Q: I want to wear a suit or tuxedo for my wedding, but I can't find a suit or tux that fits my body type, that's not overly "glam" or even just finding pants that don't stop at my calf. I love the options men have but I never fit into a men's suit "off the rack". Why is this and can you recommend how I should search for suiting that could work with a woman's body type.

A: I 100% understand your frustration when trying to purchase a suit or tux not only for your wedding but for everyday life occasions. I have personally been wearing menswear for the majority of my life. When I started venturing into men's clothing around the age of 13, I knew it would be difficult for me to shop "off the rack" from most brands. The biggest issue I had was something I couldn't change myself, which is suiting patterns. Men's suiting patterns are made to the specifications of a man's body, so if you have the slightest bit of curves or a bust you will notice that the suit just doesn't drape correctly. I would purchase the suit, usually only satisfied with the fabric, and take it to my tailor for a nearly $300 alteration adjustment. At this point, my tailor is my "bestfriend" but even with her expertise the suit still wasn't perfect. When I decided to try women's suiting, I just thought to myself "Who is making this?". Why does this suit have fringes, why are all the jackets cropped in the length and the sleeves, why do the buttons look like Queen Elizabeth donated them and why are the pant lengths so short? Needless to say, my women's suiting journey came to a screeching halt until I joined SuitShop. I have worked in men's suiting for 10+ years so when SuitShop told me they were launching a women's line, I was skeptical at first. I never saw a brand that wasn't custom that had achieved the pattern and design I was looking for. I will always remember the day I visited SuitShop showroom in Chicago and tried on the White Tuxedo for the first time. My team doesn't know this, but I shed a tear. I couldn't believe how well the suit fit me. It wasn't overly feminine or masculine, it just FIT. The buttons were the same that you would find on the men's suits and the jacket and pants came in various lengths so if I wanted to show more ankle, I could make that decision. Not only was my fitting empowering but I felt GOOD, and that's the experience you want when trying on a suit for the first time. Our women's suits are made by women & for women. The biggest advice I can honestly give you is to give SuitShop a try. We offer the same line of fabric that we have in our men's selection so you have a range of classic suiting and tux colors to explore. I am excited to say that many of the women I have fitted already share their excitement on how well the suit fits and the opportunity to talk with someone who understands what they might have gone through looking for suits in the past has been invaluable to them.  The first time I wore the White Tuxedo was at Diner En Blanc in Philadelphia. I received the most compliments from women that I ever had while wearing a suit. That made it clear for me that I teamed up with a brand that understands what women want in suiting and I'm excited to trailblaze this path with them.  I am also here to help you navigate your suiting journey and eliminate some of the "pains of suit shopping" that I experienced in the past. 

wedding tuxedos for women
wedding tuxedos for women

If you aren’t near one of our showroom locations, no worries. You can schedule a virtual consultation or order a suit or tuxedo to try on in the comfort of your home before making a final decision. If you have any questions please email us at

Natalie Kenney
Natalie Kenney

Natalie Kenney aka Ms. Suitz has been styling the men of Philly for 8+ years and she loves seeing how a nicely fitted suit can elevate anyone's confidence....

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