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Harry's Styles: Outfit Inspiration for Love on Tour

Published on September 10, 2022 Updated August 3, 2023

By Lily Ertischek
Harry Styles concert photo from Madison Square Garden is custom Gucci Love on Tour outfit.
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The year is 2022; the end of summer is sweet; Love on Tour is back in the US; Harry is wearing all the right things (and, per the Don't Worry Darling drama, may even be single?); everything is golden.

Scoring your tickets and excitedly awaiting your show date goes hand in hand with checking nightly TikToks of Harry's wild outfits, screaming-crying-throwing-up at videos of his most recent performances, and dreaming up your own concert outfit.

Harry Styles in sequin top and white suit pants performing on stage live at Wembley Stadium for Love on Tour concert.

@aurora.shootz on Instagram

There's a sense of community in showing up to Love on Tour completely decked out. It's a very specific brand of dopamine dressing, focusing in on the funkiest, brightest, most whimsical ensemble you can muster that still feels true to you. Knowing you won't be alone in the loud look serves to create an entirely new level of emotion and fun to the experience, and that's exactly what you get when you show up to a Harry Styles concert right now. A friend came to visit New York City the other day, and upon arrival, she texted me asking what in the world could be going on in the city to leave Penn Station so absolutely covered in rainbow-colored feathers. Harry Styles live at Madison Square Garden, I texted back immediately. There's something special in being a part of such a big, beloved, and collectively-dressed phenomenon. And of course, the music itself doesn't hurt either.

So, if you're headed to Love on Tour, you might as well dress the part. After all, it’s Harry’s house and we’re just living in it.

Harry Styles Love on Tour fans concert outfits.
Suit and cowboy hat guy's fan concert outfit at Harry Styles Love on Tour

Left: Alt Press; Right: i-D

There's a simple source of inspiration to reference when crafting your Love on Tour concert outfit: Harry's own tour outfits. The look is easier to nail than it might seem.

Harry Styles custom Gucci coordinating pink and red striped tailored set for Love on Tour performance.

harry__lambert/Twitter via Page Six Style

Harry Styles custom Gucci coordinating denim stars Western tailored set for Love on Tour performance.

harry__lambert/Twitter via Page Six Style

The formula: at least one structured piece (think a suit jacket or pants—suits are Harry’s signature) + a flowy or sheer garment + a little bit of glitz + a lot of funky glam.Even if you're sticking with relatively everyday clothing, try to include zig zags, polka dots, or other playful and joyful prints to stay low-key and casual but still on-theme.

Take a peek below at some pieces that are perfect to build your look.

Deep teal men's suit for a monochrome look.

Try bold, colorful suits to play up Harry's signature tailored style with on-theme bright pops. Shop yours at SuitShop.

Burnt Orange women's suit and men's burgundy suit.

These burnt orange and burgundy options are just the right amount of color to be exciting and to make for a feel-great while still being endlessly useable, concert night and beyond. These ones are from SuitShop!

Along with capturing an essential piece of Harry's wardrobe, suits also get high marks for being especially on-trend with the monochrome and streetwear-ready look.

You could go all-in on the structured vibe and wear the jacket and the pants together as a set--either on its own or with a fun top underneath--but using just one piece is also a great way to play with the style. For the biggest impact, wear a full suit and layer in a whimsical shirt, a boa, and some glitter or sequins for good measure. To make the look more approachable, consider wearing a suit jacket with jeans or a mini skirt, or try pairing a fun shirt like the ones down below with a tailored pair of suit pants.

Squiggle pattern button down short sleeve shirt for Harry Styles concert outfit.

Easy, breezy patterned tops like this Wildfang one help you keep your chill while giving into the spirit of the concert night.

Men's sheer frilly shirt for Harry Styles concert outfit.
Women's pink, frilly shirt for Love on Tour outfit idea.

Get funky right alongside Harry and go for something flouncy, frilly, and sheer all at once. Dark, subdued options like this black ASOS one (left) and statement-making, bright picks like this pink Dolls Kill one (right) work equally well, so go with whatever is most in line with your own style.

Strawberry pants for Love on Tour outfit idea.

Fruity garments fall perfectly in line with all the fun and have become a Love on Tour staple. Try these strawberry Shein pants...

Men's fruit pattern shirt for Harry Styles concert outfit idea.

...Or this lemony shirt from Old Navy.

Rainbow feather boa for Harry Styles concert.

Feather boas are the original, non-negotiable Harry Styles concert outfit item. This rainbow one is from Party City.

When in doubt, layer on glitter, throw on a feather boa, and sing your heart out with the icon himself.

Lily Ertischek
Lily Ertischek

Lily is constantly reading, keeping up with the latest TV, and seeking out the best bites. She lives in New York City.

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