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How to Incorporate 2020 Fashion Week Spring Trends in Your Wedding Style

By Courtney Baldwin on 2019-06-18

Traditionally fashion weeks around the globe show us what’s hot for the upcoming seasons.  Ranging from colors to a dramatic change in silhouettes, the runway becomes the roadmap for brands to let the fashion industry and the general public know what and how to update their style should they be the trend-tracking type.  

The Spring/Summer 2020 men’s season was nothing short of amazing with trends like bold neon colors, light grays, oversized suiting, sneakers with suiting and all over print sets. While all of these trends may be fun to look at, you may be wondering how in the world you would incorporate these New York Fashion Week trends into your wedding look.  First, if you are going to push your personal style to another level for the wedding day, it is important that you still make choices that will be authentic to your personality. It should be your style with a little kick or a few added sartorial details. Below we will explore how you can incorporate five of the NYFW trends that walked the runway into your aisle-style!    

New York Fashion Week Spring Wedding Trends / Ethan James Green

All over prints have been trending for a couple of seasons now and the trend has not eased up!  Patterns are getting stronger and colors are getting bolder and brighter especially for Spring/Summer 2020. We saw these looks from a number of designers, but of particular note was Alexander McQueen and Charles Jeffrey Loverboy. If this trend resonates with you and you want to incorporate it into your wedding day look, try an all over print pattern shirt with a solid suit or tuxedo. This look will give you an extra edge to set you apart from other grooms/groomsmen out there!

New York Fashion Week Spring Wedding Trends

Athletic shoes with suiting is another trend that did not make its debut this fashion week but has been holding very strong for the last few seasons.  And similar to all-over patterned clothing, the colors are getting brighter and older! Designers Chalayan and Iceberg showed some really cool sneakers with suiting looks during the Spring/Summer 2020 shows.  To incorporate this trend into your wedding day look, consider purchasing a simple sleek leather sneaker like the Commons Projects in a bold color (that have the soles and shoe laces the same color as the sneakers) like yellow, orange, or teal. And, make sure that your pants are tailored appropriately to keep in line with your tailored wedding day look. Check out our Guide To Finding The Perfect Pant Length. Also, before making a bold statement like this, you may want to check with your bride-to-be to make sure she is comfortable with the look and possibly consider it for just a reception look or after-party look if it is too bold of a statement for your wedding ceremony.

New York Fashion Week Spring Wedding Trends

For those that are ready to step all the way outside of the box, consider a shorts suit for your wedding day! Short suits were recently brought to light with the Tom Browne suit that Lebron James wore during the 2018 NBA Finals and continued to make additional appearances in this year’s men’s fashion week through designers like Prada, Stephen F, and Z Zegna.  The key to really nailing this look is fit! For the wedding day, we recommend a more tailored-fit styling of the shorts suit rather than the oversized look that is also trending (hello 90s style). If you are taking a standard suit trouser and having it made into shorts, the length of the shorts will also be key to ensuring a wedding appropriate look.  Anything too short will look a bit risqué and too long shorts may appear athletic rather than refined.

New York Fashion Week Spring Wedding Trends / Ethan James Green

Neons and bright, bold colors are in and still trending for spring/summer 2020. Grungy Gentleman, Iceberg, and Alexander McQueen showed fashionable looks in these bright hues.  Incorporate this trend into your wedding day look with care! You don’t want to look at your wedding photos years down the line and feel that your look was too trendy.   Consider changing out your black tuxedo jacket for a bright pink or fuchsia dinner jacket for the reception or after party as a way of incorporating this bright color trend into your wedding day look.

New York Fashion Week Spring Wedding Trends

Courtesy of Stephen F.

Likely the easiest Spring/Summer 2020 Men’s Fashion Week trend to incorporate into your wedding day look is the trend of muted grays and earth tones. Designers Stephen F, Z Zegna, and Belfstaff had great shows incorporating these more popular autumn colors into their spring/summer collections. For the wedding day, suiting in muted grays like our charcoal suit or earth tones like tan, olive green and army green are perfect for weddings that focus on the natural surroundings of the occasion.  Outdoor weddings in wooded or park settings or even more traditional locales with greenery at the focus of the floral design. When making your suit selection, just be sure to choose a color that complements the surroundings but does not match it exactly.

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