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How To Incorporate Mysticism Into Your Wedding

By Katy Eriks on 2020-09-18

2020 wedding trends

“Mysticism is a spiritual belief stating that a connection can be obtained with God or the spirits through thought and meditation..” ( When it comes to your wedding, you’re most likely considering hiring a magician or tarot card reader, having your ceremony space saged before your wedding day, or gifting your guests crystals as wedding favors. You may be looking for unique ways to impress and form deep connections with your guests or you want to bring your personal interests into your wedding day. Here are a few ideas on how to have a mystical wedding:

If you are foregoing the first look and photo session pre-ceremony, your guests may enjoy some extra activities while they wait for you to join the party. Post an astrology chart in or near the bathroom for guests to search while they wait. Hire a professional magician, tarot card or palm reader. As a wedding guest book alternative, ask guests to write down wishes for your future and place them in a jar to open on your first anniversary. 

tarot readings at weddings
Tarot Readings at weddings

Crystals are a perfect, mystical, and thoughtful option for your wedding favors. Make sure you pick a wedding-appropriate kind like rose quartz for love or citrine for joy. Clear quartz or geodes make great place cards or holders. Your guests can take them home and they will look great on the dining tables at your reception. Is Chinese take-out something you order in a lot as a couple? Have fortune cookies on the dining tables. There are even companies that let you create personal messages for inside.

Details and Decor
When it comes to your wedding party consider incorporating quartz in the girls’ jewelry or as a detail in your groomsmen’s boutonnieres. Use astrology signs or types of crystals as the names for your reception tables. Have a geode design theme for your invitations, programs, or your wedding cake. Pinks, purples, and blues with gold accents are especially beautiful and can carry through in your other wedding details. 

2020 wedding trends

If you plan to include something mystical in your wedding, make sure it relates to you as a couple and blends into your wedding theme. For example, a magician in a tuxedo fits in well at a downtown black tie event, but a tarot card reader may be better for an industrial bohemian wedding. Rose quartz is great for a romantic evening event, while sunstone is perfect for a garden brunch wedding. After you choose your wedding theme, colors, and have some decor ideas is the perfect time to plan attire for your group so you know they will match. Check out our tips on choosing your attire based on your wedding theme and let us know how we can help you plan your big day!

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