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How to style a navy blue tuxedo?

By Natalie Kenney on 2020-04-15

navy blue tuxedo

Q: I have decided to wear a navy blue tuxedo for my wedding and I want to know how to style and accessorize my wedding tux and if my groomsmen need to wear tuxedos too or if can they wear suits? 

A. If you’re looking to stand out on your big day the blue tuxedo is my top pick for you. You will turn heads, but the dark shade of this blue tuxedo gives you a more classic look that is manageable for someone first dipping their toes into black tie attire for men. Here's a few tips when it comes to your tuxedo accessories:

  1. When selecting your shirt options, you can select a traditional dress shirt or a more modern one. Our classic tuxedo shirt is more traditional and comes with stud buttons and holes for cuff links which you will need to purchase separately. Our formal french cuff dress shirt gives you a more modern look because you will have a seamless placket with hidden buttons. My suggestion is to wear a modern tuxedo shirt with a shawl collar and a traditional tuxedo shirt with a notch or peak lapel.
  2. You might be thinking, "I have nice lace-up black dress shoes in my wardrobe already, I don't need to buy new shoes." But, I would recommend that you trade them in for a nice slip-on loafer instead. If you want to pull off a very stylish look, try loafers in dark blue or black to pair with your blue tuxedo and wear them without socks.
  3. My last tip is for those who want to create an even more dynamic look: remember that your dinner jacket and pants don’t have to match when you’re wearing a midnight blue tuxedo. If you’re nervous about wearing an all blue tuxedo, you can pair the blue jacket with a pair of black tuxedo pants. 

If you are looking to stand out and not be confused with your groomsmen, they can wear a black or matching blue suit. If you choose for them to wear a blue suit just make sure it is a shade that complements your tuxedo. Contact us about our premium navy suits to match our shawl lapel tuxedo! You now have the essential elements for pulling off a blue tuxedo for your wedding day. Show us your style by tagging us @thegroomsmansuit on instagram!

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