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Q&A With Our Co-Founders

Published on February 19, 2021 Updated March 22, 2023

By Katy Eriks
SuitShop Founders
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For our five year anniversary, it seemed only fitting that we interview the two women who founded SuitShop, formerly The Groomsman Suit. From grade school in Kalamazoo, MI to the cobblestone streets of Boston, from the subways of New York to the windy city, these two have been side by side on this journey called life and are still closer than ever. We hope you enjoy getting to know these boss babes a little better. We’re so happy they had the brilliant idea to launch this business! 

What was your dream job as a kid?

Jeanne: Fashion Designer

Diana: Dolphin Trainer

What was your first job ever?

J: Dance Teacher 

D: Babysitter

How do you maintain a great friendship as business partners?

J: We have had to rely on each other so much that I think we actually have a stronger relationship after launching a business together, which is not always the case in business and we know how lucky we are to have that. When you go through so many highs and lows and have the same things to gain and lose you're just always rooting each other on during the highs .....of course we love any reason to pop a bottle of champagne so we always shoot for that!

D: It's easy to maintain a good relationship when you know and trust that you are each giving your very best everyday. When you have that understanding, it's much easier to get through the tough times and those hard moments also serve as an opportunity to come together and work through things. Everyday, I know Jeanne is doing everything she can to make SuitShop the best it can be and it's that shared commitment and dedication that keeps us connected and having fun.

SuitShop Founders

Who do you dream of suiting up?

J: Barack and Michelle Obama and Jonathan Van Ness

D: Kamala Harris, Whitney Wolfe Herd, and Mark Cuban

What was a big lesson that you learned at the beginning of launching the company that still affects how you make business decisions today?

J: Things don't have to be perfect. I used to get caught up in making sure things were perfect before launching or rolling out a new process. We quickly learned that just figuring things out as we go works well. We continue to work this way and constantly update our processes and find new ways to make improvements for our customers.

D: Your goals can never be too high, but you will never reach them if you're stuck on perfection. We've accomplished so much but when we look back on the past five years, our journey is made up of thousands of imperfect baby steps. We've become accustomed to implementing new things that are still a work in progress.

What is the funniest thing that has happened since SuitShop launched?

J: Most of the funnier things that we have been through, were really crazy and stressful in the moment. We've rolled racks through the streets of Manhattan, sat together for hours (okay days) in a windowless storage unit in Jamaica Queens, NY packing orders, and digging through boxes to find ONE pant size. I'm sure many more to come!

D: When Jeanne thought she could drive a 26ft truck to help move the company from NY to Chicago. When we went to pick up the rental truck, her feet didn't even touch the pedals!

SuitShop Founders

What has been the most meaningful customer feedback you've received?

J: Anytime a customer that tells me that they didn't think they were going to be able to find a suit that would fit them or were worried that the process was going to be uncomfortable because they typically struggle to find clothes that fit well, it makes me so happy. We all know how impactful clothing can be for your self esteem and confidence and I love that we can provide that for so many people.

D: I'm always touched when customers comment on how they've finally found a company that can give them a great fitting suit. When it comes to clothing, fit is the most important part. A great fit will make you feel confident and comfortable. 

If you were putting together a complete look from our collection, what items would you choose? 

J: I LOVE our Light Blue Suit so I'd do a full 3 piece in the light blue with an Ivory Slim TieWhite Pocket Square and our Theo Tan Shoes!

D: This year I'm all about black tie. When celebrations can resume, I think everyone should wear tuxedos. Our Navy Tuxedo is probably my favorite thing we sell. I love to pair that with our Formal French Cuff Dress Shirt, Black Self-tied Bow Tie, White Pocket Square and tuxedo loafers.

suit shop blue suit and tuxedo options

What's next for SuitShop?

J: Total formalwear domination!

D: Everything is next for SuitShop!! This year we're going to be making some exciting updates to our brand, our products, partnerships, and more! I've never been more excited to see what the next 12 months will bring.

Stay tuned for these updates and more from us here at SuitShop. Thank you for supporting our small business and cheers to many more years!

Katy Eriks
Katy Eriks

Katy Eriks started out as one of SuitShop's first brides. Having experienced SuitShop as a customer first, Katy brings valuable perspective to customer car...

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