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The Tux Rental Debate: Should You Rent or Buy Your Tuxedo?

Published on November 8, 2016 Updated March 22, 2023

By Jeanne Foley
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Why are tuxedo rentals so expensive? Should I rent or buy a tuxedo? Should every man own a tuxedo? 

We see you out there, googling. And we’ve got your answers. 

Once, these questions led to an automatic rental. With tuxedos once costing a staggering minimum of $1,000, it made sense to lean towards a tuxedo rental.

But now, when owning your own premium, classic tuxedo costs about the same as a rental, buying your own simply makes more sense. Here at SuitShop, we’ve made owning a tuxedo more economical than renting. Don’t believe us? Read on. We’ve got the stats to prove it.

Whether you’re a groomsman, in the bridal party, or you just have an event where you want to look your best, we know men’s suits and tuxedos.

Why Are Tuxedo Rentals More Expensive?

Rental tuxedos typically cost anywhere from $120-200 for one day. (But, beware of hidden tuxedo rental costs). 

On the upside, they are usually made from very high-quality, durable fabrics with heavy-duty construction and components. But don’t be fooled, there is a good reason for this as rental tuxedos need to be able to withstand up to 40 dry cleanings and all of the antics the average grooms/bridesmen or party-goer will put a tux through. Which is a lot.

They know they’ll never have to wear that wedding suit again, and they act accordingly.

Also, the reason that a rental costs a fortune is to cover dry cleaning, detail repairs and tailoring, with a significant bump in price going to replacing that overly-worn piece of clothing. You’re not only paying for your rental, but helping cover any problems from past or future suit rentals.

Should I Rent or Buy a Tuxedo

With the holidays coming up, you’ll see an increased flurry of events, including weddings. We’ve posted this before, but it’s important to understand the costs of renting a wedding suit for men. If you only wear your tuxedo six times in the next three years, the savings from owning your own is mind blowing. Take a look:

The average rental cost of a tuxedo/suit, shirt and shoes is going to be $190 ($150 for the tux, $20 for the shirt, and $20 for the shoes)

Tuxedo/Suit, shirt and shoes from SuitShop is $323 ($199 for the tux, $49 for the shirt, $75 for shoes)

Repeated costs to wear:

Rental: $190

Owning: $25 for dry cleaning after each wear = $150 for six wears

Total cost:

Rent: $190 x 6 = $1,140

Own: $288 + $150 = $438

Not only are you saving money, but you get to be the owner of a posh tuxedo, rather than paying someone an exorbitant fee just to borrow clothing that complete strangers have worn dozens of times. 

Also, it’s our experience that the man who owns a tuxedo finds himself going to more events where wearing one is appropriate. Maybe it’s that Cary Grant vibe, but once you own your own tux, you’ll find yourself noticing more places you can go.

Should Every Man Own a Tuxedo? 

You only live once. Why not live that one “wild and precious life” in style? Have a tux on hand and dress to impress. Take your significant other out somewhere special or put on your tux for a dinner date and a slow dance on the balcony. 

We all know that when a man wears a tux, the special someone that’s super into you gets butterflies in their stomach. Dress for romance, look fabulous, and make your significant other swoon.

Also, a tuxedo is always sharp at an evening wedding. And if you’re one of the groomsmen or in the bridal party--it’s appropriate anytime. Once your friends start marrying, you’ll see a tidal wave of weddings hitting your calendar one after the other. You’ll be all set.

Simply put, it will always make sense to own a tux if it costs less than a rental. At SuitShop, we believe every man should own a tuxedo, look sharp and not spend a fortune. Buy our classic tuxedo so you'll never have to rent again! Don’t forget the accessories you’ll need to complete your black tie look.

Jeanne Foley
Jeanne Foley

Jeanne Foley is the co-founder of SuitShop. From the moment she could hold a needle and thread, Jeanne was making clothing and prom dresses for herself and...

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