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Trending: Floral Bridesmaids Dresses & Matching Groomsman Suits

Published on February 3, 2024

By Lily Ertischek
Trendy wedding party in mismatched floral bridesmaid gowns and navy groomsman suits and pink accessories with city background.
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Florals, for weddings? Groundbreaking. Well actually, it just might be. For most of the recent past, bridesmaid gowns pretty much across the board have veered toward simple, solid colors. Of course, there have still been bridesmaid dress trends involved, with different years and styles favoring different hues, dress design details, and bridal party group cohesiveness. But there’s a more dramatic shift this year than we’ve seen in quite some time. For 2024, flower patterned bridesmaid dresses are entering the scene in a big way. To get the wedding vibe you're after, consider the trending floral bridesmaid dresses and the best matching groomsman suits, too.

The Floral Bridesmaid Dress Trend

Mismatched bridesmaids dresses have boomed these past few years, with bridesmaids wearing the same color in different dress types–like ruffles, flutter sleeve, strapless, one shoulder, and other variations all represented in the same bridal party–or sporting a range of shades in the same color family or wedding color scheme. Floral dresses are the next evolution of this trend. Introducing a flowery pattern on bridesmaid gowns is the new way to incorporate that range of shades in your color scheme and keep variety and interest throughout the bridesmaids’ attire. And, with the big bridesmaid dress brands–Birdy Grey, Lulus, Revelry, Dessy, Jenny Yoo, BHLDN, Reformation, Show Me Your Mumu Weddings, and more– releasing new floral collections, you can get the best floral bridesmaid dresses easily, mismatched dress types are also still an option.

These floral dresses for bridesmaids might seem most obviously fitting for spring weddings, summer weddings, or even outdoor weddings, but they can actually easily fit with any season or style, especially with the right wedding decor and groomsman suit pairings–more on that below!

Four bridesmaids in patterned Birdy Grey with a pink floral bridesmaid dress, blue floral, green floral, and white floral at a wedding venue.

These floral dresses for bridesmaids might seem most obviously fitting for spring weddings, summer weddings, or even outdoor weddings, but they can actually easily fit with any season or style, especially with the right wedding decor and groomsman suit pairings–more on that below!

Dusty rose bridesmaid dress in velvet burnout flower pattern and halter neck with leg slit.
Embroidered floral blue strapless bridesmaid glow with roses.
Blush pink one shoulder tulle bridesmaid dress with flower pattern

Left: Jenny Yoo; Right: Dessy

From a garden party wedding theme to a classic black tie wedding affair, cocktail wedding, bold, funky wedding party, and more, florals match the vibe. That’s because florals are an inherent part of wedding style and decor already. Think of this trend as just carrying the flowers beyond the bouquet. With bridesmaid dress styles ranging from muted pastel florals to subtle stems, lace floral patterns, and big blooms, these dresses can be elegant, whimsical, or anything in between, to suit every wedding aesthetic.

Lilac purple bridesmaid gown in floral tulle with crossover strapless corset.
White and blue smocked cottage floral midi bridesmaid dress.

Left: Dessy; Right: Show Me Your Mumu

The Groomsman Suits to Match the Trend

The next major step in flowery wedding party perfection? Figuring out what suits for groomsmen match floral bridesmaid dresses. The full wedding party look is what you’ll see in your wedding photos and will set the tone for your wedding and decor. The color of the suits you choose for your wedding group and the groomsman suit accessories will both have an impact on the vibe your style evokes, and they are both opportunities to make the suits match the floral dresses. Depending on how formal your wedding is, your dress code, color scheme, and personal style, there’s something that suits you.

Multicolored bridesmaid dresses with matching navy and pink groomsman suits for floral wedding theme.

Tie It Together: Floral Ties

Groomsman in navy wedding suit with blue floral tie to match bridesmaid in green floral dress against bright blue photo backdrop.

Possibly the easiest way to make a floral wedding party look cohesive is to carry the pattern through to the groomsmen and suit wearers with floral ties. Floral ties  for groomsmen and any other suited wedding party members in the same pattern as the bridesmaid dresses or a similar print can add a pop of interest to the groomsman outfits and make for a perfect match. Floral printed bow ties have the same effect, and they offer a funky twist.

Groomsmen drinking beers in navy wedding suits with pink floral ties and sunglasses.
Forest green suit and green suit vest with floral neck tie for groomsmen.

With no shortage of styles, colorways and pattern types, you can always find a floral wedding tie to pair with your flowery dresses.

Classics for Botanics: Black and Black Tie

Black suits and black tie themes elevate soft, neutral floral bridesmaid dresses to the next level. While black tie weddings more often employ solid colors throughout the wedding party, floral patterns can fit right in, too. Black tuxedos make the wedding party sophisticated alongside the romantic fun of the floral print. Dark colored tuxes, like navy tuxedos, evoke the color of flowers and maintain the theme throughout the wedding party while still bringing the formal, black tie feel.

Groomsmen in navy tuxedos  for black tie wedding.

Black suits are the perfect way to hit that same, elegant note without sticking to such a strict, formal feel. Whichever way you do it, black suit and black tie tuxedos are your luxurious, polished floral wedding party pairing.

Black suit groomsman group with red rosette lapel pins and all-black suit ensemble for the groom.

Neutral and Natural: Suit Standards

Sometimes the best way to pair with a pattern is to let it shine. That’s just what simple, neutral suits do for floral bridesmaid dresses. Longtime neutral suit standards that work beautifully are gray and blue. Charcoal gray suits are a favorite choice; keeping the gray dark helps give the floral wedding attire a more high fashion and modern feel instead of looking dated or overly youthful.

Neutral charcoal grey groomsman suit with champagne tie and succulent boutonniere.

Navy, on the other hand, tends to feel expected in all the right ways; navy suits go well with almost any floral print and offer enough color to keep the full wedding party looking balanced. For a more current, updated option, go for trendy tan suits for groomsmen. This combo makes for a fresh look every time, and floral dresses and tan suits might just be the new power couple. All of these neutrals provide a beautiful base to let blooms be bright.

Tan wedding suit with rust orange floral tie and pocket boutonniere floral arrangement for groomsmen.

Plucky Color: Bright Suits

Match your flowery bridesmaids with more nature-inspired fashion for the suited wedding party members. Pluck a color out of the bridesmaids’ dresses floral pattern to serve as the color of the suit.

Bright royal blue groomsman suits for blush pink and blue wedding party.

Alternatively, go with a contrasting bright, bloom-worthy shade that, even with the solid-colored suit, continues the floral idea while complimenting the patterned bridesmaid dresses. Think terra cotta orange, magenta red, deep blue, teal, and of course forest green for these colorful suits for grooms, groomsmen, and wedding group attendants. For punchy, fun, playful wedding aesthetics, bright colored suits are your best complement to flower patterned bridesmaid dresses.

Burnt orange rust suit for men with monochromatic tie for wedding outfit.
Groomsmen at backyard wedding in forest green suits and matching green bowties with brown shoes.

Whichever floral look you envision for your wedding party, find your suits to match at SuitShop.

Lily Ertischek
Lily Ertischek

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