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Unique Halloween Wedding Ideas For Men

Published on October 5, 2018 Updated March 22, 2023

By Diana Ganz
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October is here and with it the beginning of the holiday streak that will take us into the new year. If you and your bride are mega fans of jack-o-lanterns and all things spooky, we’ve got good news for you. Not only is it possible to incorporate Halloween into your wedding day. You can even make it elegant. Here’s how to do Halloween wedding style right.

Your LookIn general, old-fashioned touches will provide a vintage vibe that will establish your Halloween style. A black tux with a black bow tie provides the best platform to let your personal style shine through with a seasonal boutonniere and bold accessories. You have a few great festive wedding color palettes you can work with. Black calla lilies accented with plum, burgundy or green with gives your groom ensemble a dark and moody twist. Keep it dark but add more color by making blood red roses the main attraction and enhancing them with pops of black. And for the couples who like to keep things bright — yep, go for orange. Orange roses or calla lilies are both great options for Halloween florals. There are a ton of fun textures you can add to boutonnieres to pull in your Halloween theme. Try adding a velvet ribbon to cover the stem or a couple of feathers as a base. 

Halloween wedding style tips for grooms and groomsmen

Socks are another fun way to infuse the spirit of Halloween into your groom style. Depending on the color scheme you pick, you have a few sock options. If orange is in your palette, go for black socks with thin orange stripes. If it’s green and you want to play up the evil witch aesthetic, green-and-black striped socks will add interest and certainly contribute to your overall Halloween wedding look. Of course, if you want to wear socks with little jack-o-lanterns, skeletons or bats, by all means rock those with pride.

Halloween wedding style tips for grooms and groomsmen

How to Style Your Wedding PartyIf you want to keep your wedding-day outfit on the understated side — like the dark, all-black look — but still want the spooky spirit, look to your groomsmen. If your ensemble doesn’t have bold colors, you can still keep your guys in all black but have them serve the pop of color you want with a brighter tie. Selecting a black shirt with black suiting will create a midnight look, which would pair well with a plum or a burnt orange tie. Go with velvet to add a vintage touch. Pair such wedding accessories with green and black floral accents rather than browns to avoid giving off a rustic autumn vibe. And if you decide to ditch the all-black look and add a colorful tie, just make sure it complements your boutonniere as well. 

Halloween wedding style tips for grooms and groomsmen

Your guys’ style doesn’t have to be devoid of vivid color in order to deliver the hint of Halloween you want. Get creative and give color a larger role with a dark purple or burgundy vest for a three-piece suit. Give a subtle but classy nod to Dracula with bright red bow ties with black suiting. Starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by these options? Check out some of our more classic fall wedding style recommendations for men here.

Beyond the LookOnce you have your looks down, you can keep the Halloween fun going with your wedding décor. There are endless ways to add a sophisticated Halloween touches to your wedding reception. Adorn guest tables with miniature jack-o-lanterns in place of regular candles and add black lace runners to the tables. Top off the food and dessert table with staple treats like candy corn and mellow crème pumpkins or “blood-dipped” red candy apples and “pick your poison” spooky cocktails. It could also be as simple as all-black décor with bursts of color from flowers, napkins or other details that match your wedding’s overall aesthetic.

Halloween wedding style tips for grooms and groomsmen
Halloween wedding style tips for grooms and groomsmen

If you’re adding a Halloween spin to your SuitShop suiting, we want to see it! Post a photo and tag us on Facebook or Instagram for a chance to be featured. For more inspiration, check out our real weddings page.

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