Liz & Dayn

A fall wedding in Custer County, SD.

About the Wedding

In a forest wedding, Liz and Dayn embraced and complimented the earthy tones that surrounded with their color palette. The couple added a little extra flair and edge to their rustic-chic vibe by opting for bolder colors and fabrics that still reflected the woodsy environment as well as their personalities. Teal suits spoke to typical barn accents and to the nature all around but gave an unexpected blue-green twist; burnt orange ties and rust-colored bridesmaid dresses added a fun spark against the nearby browns and tans of the woods; and embroidered and shimmery satin fabrics along with a leather jacket for the afterparty lent a spunky textural pop.

Standing out from the rest of the décor and the venue, the deep teal groomsman suits and copper bridesmaid dresses offered the biggest visual impact but still managed to feel neutral and natural. In their own take on trending orange and green weddings, Liz and Dayn's celebration was a masterclass in playing with color in a wedding party. We chatted with them about some engagement, wedding planning, and big day highlights.

Please, tell us your engagement story.

We got engaged on February 6th, 2022, in Evergreen, Colorado. Dayn grew up playing hockey, so he knew the frozen-over Evergreen Lake by heart. I, on the other hand, was still getting my skating technique down. Nonetheless, that Sunday we planned to play hockey at sunset because Dayn insisted it was the best time. His two reasons: it would be less busy, and there would obviously be sunset views. So when we arrived at the lake, Dayn surprised me with my own new hockey skates (no pressure or anything), and we started to skate around. After a few minutes of Dayn saying “that ice over there is better,” or “no one is using those nets, let’s go over there,” we finally found a spot to pass the puck around. Dayn casually said, “you’re going to break your ankle because you tied your skates too loose, let me help you tie them correctly." I, stubborn per usual, said “I have strong ankles and I trust them, you’re good." Thank goodness Dayn is persistent, because he didn’t take no for an answer and got down on one knee to “tie my skates." Can you guess what happened next?? Well, while shaking (either from the cold or nerves), Dayn proposed! We were lucky enough to have both families there to witness, even if they were hiding underneath the ski lodge lol! After the excitement, we headed back to Golden where our friends were waiting for us to celebrate at the same bar that we had our first date at, Miners Saloon. Thus began the first of the many celebrations that followed suit!

How did you choose your wedding location? 

We both wanted to invite as many friends and family as we could, so Custer State Park was essentially a central location that people could drive to, plus it housed the amount of people we wanted to invite. The church was simple, graceful, and boasted beautiful stained-glass windows. The reception pavilion was outdoors with beautiful views, fire pits, and a large dance floor. So, we got the best of both worlds! 

We'd love to know more about your experience in working with SuitShop.

I searched forever for a teal suit. One that was not emerald green or navy blue, we pictured one that was a true dark teal. I found SuitShop’s Deep Teal suit online one day and eagerly sent Dayn a photo of it when I realized they had a store in Denver. He said he would give it a shot and scheduled a fitting for him and his groomsmen. So, I will let Dayn take this one…


Well, I didn’t know this, but when we got to the showroom, my soon-to-be father-in-law had Liz drop of a bottle of WhistlePig Whiskey for us to drink while we tried the suits on. This definitely helped the group relax and enjoy the fitting. Surprisingly, the suits fit everyone really well, too. I was a little iffy about the teal color at first, but after seeing it on, it looked clean and sleek. My groomsmen and I are easy-going guys, so having the SuitShop process be so laid-back, simple, and straightforward made the experience exactly what I was looking for.


Tell us more about the meaning behind these Coors details we are loving. 

With Coors right in our backyard in Golden, it was hard not to drink it! It became a way the local bartenders and servers identified us: the blonde couple that ordered Banquet and Light. Since Coors was such an influence in Golden, the antique stores were filled with Coors memorabilia, and I started to collect items. Dayn grew up with it, so it is his tried-and-true beer. So, through collecting memories, always having it on draft, and it just being a go-to... it became our drink of choice. So much so, that instead of “His and Hers” cocktails at our wedding, we decided to have our “His and Hers” drinks to be Coors Banquet and Coors Light. Maybe one day we will be sponsored...

Any advice for marriers-to-be on how they can personalize their big day?

Add little touches that only you and your partner share! Some of ours were Coors, a lemon-poppyseed cake, and a painting of Custer State Park by a past art teacher. The little things end up sticking out more than you think, because guests will notice it is something they have never seen before at a wedding. If you can’t think of any ideas, think about things that remind you of memories you share together. It could be a scent, a taste, a smell, or even a color... incorporate those little touches!

My groomsmen and I are easy going guys, so SuitShop being so laid back, simple, and straightforward made it exactly what I was looking for.

Dayn, SuitShop Groom

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