Coach Lee

Coach Lee was born and raised in Queens, New York, which is where her love for fitness flourished. She was a professional dancer, featured on BravoTV’s Work Out New York, competed in 3 bikini competitions, and earned her business degree, making her the self-made entrepreneur she is today. With over 14 years of experience in the fitness industry, FitBride by Lee was born. FitBride was inspired by one of Lena’s clients, who had such an amazing transformation before her wedding day. Seeing the progress she made, lessons she learned, and joy she had on her wedding day became the foundation of building the program that would cater to all brides; FITBRIDE.

Since FitBride by Lee was created, over 30+ brides in the last 3 years have experienced transformation, and over 100 clients under her coaching have been transformed as well. There is no doubt, Lena Marti is one of the top coaches in New York City, and the coach for brides.

Through her years of experience and knowledge, she built her expertise on transforming a woman’s body based on body type, programming, nutrition, and mindset coaching. She is a true master at manipulating a program to customize to a client’s wants and needs. Training with Coach Lee, you can expect to work hard, learn, and see results.

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