Alex & David

A summer wedding in Ravello, Italy.

About the Wedding

Please, tell us your engagement story.

Something that I will always remember is Alex telling me that she wanted me to ask her to marry me when I couldn’t wait any longer. Little did she know, that was the easy part- she is the most beautiful, caring, thoughtful, funny and kind person I have ever met.  The hard part was coming up with the perfect way of asking her.  
I woke up on Thursday 12.19.2019, kissed Alex and sent her on her way to work. I faked a work call so I could stay home and prepare our apartment for the proposal. Once Alex left for work, Ella and I grabbed picture frames and champagne from under the bed and started getting all the pictures ready. Ella eventually left to spend the night at the dog walkers and I got the entire house cleaned; no idea why I was cleaning the bathroom or washing out the sink, I just truly wanted everything to be perfect.  
I started to put the candles, roses and picture frames in place. I remember stepping back, seeing everything together and just knowing this was it; this was how I was going to ask my best friend to marry me.

I will never forget walking into the hallway of our apartment building and seeing Alex at the end of the hall. It was the best feeling in the world to see my future wife. I walked her through our apartment, showed her pictures of our lives together so far and eventually got down on one knee in the middle of our apartment. with an empty picture frame behind me reserved for a picture of our future together.

How did you choose your wedding location?

One of the most special things about our wedding was where we got married. Years before we got engaged, we traveled to Ravello and fell in love with its charm, its beauty, its genuineness and on that trip we fell more deeply in love with one another (we even ended up naming our dog Ravella). So when my husband proposed in 2019, there was no question about where we wanted our wedding to be. 

We'd love to know more about your experience in working with SuitShop.

I first found SuitShop through a friend when I was a groomsman at his wedding, I was so pleasantly shocked at how beautiful the suit was and the ability to purchase a suit for basically the same price as renting.  I was so impressed with SuitShop that I purchased my tux for my wedding through SuitShop and all of my groomsmen did as well.  Before you know it I ended up with a suit in almost every color and a tux from SuitShop and I couldn't stop recommending them to everyone I knew.  Between the staff who always goes above and beyond and the look and feel of the suit I couldn't be happier with my choice.   

Any advice for marriers to be?

A wedding planner is well worth it! Also, use your wedding website when it comes to sharing details with guests around travel, accomodations, schedule, etc. There's no such thing as too many details, especially when it comes to a destination wedding. And even better, put a POC on your website (mom, MOH, wedding planner, travel agent) that your guests can reach out to with questions. Then put this same info in your welcome bags, just in case guests have WiFi issues (assuming an international destination).  

Before you know it I ended up with a suit in almost every color and a tux from SuitShop and I couldn't stop recommending them to everyone I knew.

David, SuitShop Groom

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