About this Collection

For a timeless look at any black-tie affair, our men’s wedding tuxedos are the perfect fit—for less than the price of a tuxedo rental. Our tuxedos are available in classic black and a modern navy, for that subtle touch of color. Our wedding tuxedos are meant to last for the big day & beyond, with premium Italian-made tuxedos available for an extra luxe look. Our affordable tuxedos come in slim & modern fits, for both classic style or fashion-forward men. Why go with a tuxedo rental when you can own a stylish, fit-guaranteed tux for the same price or less?

There’s nothing quite like a groom’s classic tux. If you agree with Dean Martin who said, “In a tuxedo, I’m a star. In regular clothes, I’m a nobody,” than a swanky tux was meant for you. On your wedding day, it’s your turn to look like a star.