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From Desk to Dinner: Transitioning Your Office Suit for Evening Events

Published on October 16, 2023 Updated January 11, 2024

By Katy Eriks
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A well-fitted power suit is a timeless investment for any wardrobe, and we understand the importance of versatility. Suits can offer not only a professional look for the office and formal events, but also the ability to seamlessly transition to more casual settings. In this blog post, we’re focusing on ways to take your attire from professional at work to stylish date night outfits, happy hour attire, and beyond. 

Let’s break it down by color:

Classic Black Suit

A classic black suit is a wardrobe staple that exudes sophistication and elegance. And, as said best in Men’s Health, “it doesn’t take much accessorizing to turn a black suit into a sharp formal or business casual look. At the same time, a black jacket and trousers can put a sleek edge on a t-shirt and casual shoes—like sneakers, loafers, or mules. That versatility is what makes it a secret weapon that every(one) should have in their wardrobe.”

For a professional office look, pair your black suit with a crisp white dress shirt or polo buttoned to the top and polished black dress shoes. To transition to a night out after work, loosen the top button or two of your shirt for a relaxed yet polished appearance, and swap your dress shoes for a pair of sneakers or loafers. Here’s a great visual representation of five ways to style a black suit, "vintage vegas" and "sweater and boots" are perfect post-work looks. 

can a black suit be casual?

Navy Blue Suit

A navy blue suit is a great modern choice and always in style. And, it’s a great color to wear separately - a navy blazer pairs well with jeans or chinos and navy pants look sharp with a sweater. 

For office wear, pair your navy suit with a white dress shirt, a patterned tie, and brown leather dress shoes. After the office, ditch the tie and change into a more relaxed shirt, such as a chambray or a patterned button-down. Leave the jacket behind and roll up your shirt sleeves for a more laid-back vibe and consider wearing loafers or suede shoes instead of traditional dress shoes. And for more inspiration, check out these four ways to style a navy suit

how to style a suit for work

Tan Suit

Tan suits aren't just for the spring and summer seasons. Just check out these five ways to style a tan suit, number three is our favorite for fall. For workwear, pair your tan suit with a white dress shirt, a dark colored textured tie, and brown leather brogues. For your transition, swap the dress shirt for a dark brown turtleneck or black t-shirt. You’ll be sure to turn heads as you bop around town. 

tan suit outfits for work

Charcoal Gray Suit

The charcoal gray suit offers a versatile and timeless option for any occasion. It’s a little less formal than black and just as classic as navy blue. For a professional office look, pair your charcoal gray suit with a pale blue or patterned dress shirt, a skinny tie, and black or brown leather dress shoes. After business hours, lose the tie or change into a polo. Add a leather belt to match your shoes and a statement watch. Charcoal is also a great suit color to be worn separately, the blazer looks great with dark jeans and the paints pair well with a knit sweater. 

professional blazers with jeans

If these colors seem too tame for your lifestyle, we’re always a fan of a colored suit like dark green or burgundy. For work, we like dark green suits with white dress shirts, knit ties, and tan oxfords. After work, green looks great with a tan half zip sweater, polo or a chambray shirt and sneakers. Burgundy is a step bolder. At work, pair a burgundy suit with a textured white shirt and plaid tie or black button down shirt sans tie. After work, loosen up the buttons on the black shirt or switch into a tee and add a necklace or belt for a bit of shine. 

bold suits for work

With a few key pieces in your capsule wardrobe, you can effortlessly transition your suited look from professional office attire to stylish for after-work occasions. No matter the suit color, it’s easy to express your personal style and make a lasting impression. By making subtle adjustments, such as swapping a dress shirt for a fitted tee or simply removing your tie, you can transform your look and feel confident in any setting. 

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