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Silver Linings to Postponing your 2020 Wedding

Published on April 1, 2020 Updated August 31, 2022

By Katy Eriks
perks for postponing your wedding
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As a follow-up to our post about whether or not you should cancel your wedding due to coronavirus, we’ve put together the following list of some benefits to postponing your wedding to help all engaged couples out there stay positive during this difficult time. If you’ve made the tough decision to change your wedding date, you’re not alone. We estimate that nearly 500,000 weddings will have to be rescheduled this year due to COVID-19. While you may be bummed at the moment, think towards your future and all of the ways you can use the extra time to make your wedding the best ever. 

Did you postpone your wedding for a few months or a year later?Wedding planners, venues and vendors are working with their couples to make sure their plans can remain the same, just at a later date. While this probably means the big ticket items like  location, officiant, food, etc… will remain the same, there are a few perks to extending your wedding planning timeline to accommodate some new elements. 

Complete your DIY wedding projectsDid you originally envision yourself designing some DIY boutonnieres, bouquets, or centerpieces? You now have more time for all of those projects. Turn your office or guest room into a wedding decor headquarters and order your vases, floral foam, and ribbon. Don’t want to stop there? Customize some DIY bridal party gifts for your closest friends. Making some of your own wedding decorations and gifts might help you save a little money and your guests will appreciate the time and thought you put into these details. 

Save up for the honeymoon of your dreams Have you already booked your honeymoon but you were having to decide between that luxury massage on the beach or a snorkeling adventure? Or, were you planning to delay your honeymoon a year so you could save up for the destination you really wanted? More time before the big day means more time to save. Looking to make some extra cash? Consider delivering for postmates, tutoring online, or cleaning out your home and selling your extra stuff. 

Customize your wedding day lookOur friend Grant McNamara says, “If someone wanted to try custom and didn't have the time to, a postponed wedding is a great time to look at custom! I know a lot of clothiers, Gentleman’s Personal Stylist included, that are running deals, so there's never been a better time to try it!” At SuitShop, we love when the groom does something a little different to stand out from his party. So take this time to consider a custom suit, order an embroidered shirt, or seek out the perfect cufflinks for your wedding. 

Write those heartfelt vowsWhile there is nothing wrong with letting your officiant write your vows for you, a ceremony is always extra special when the couple has vows personalized to them. At my wedding we promised to love and to cherish each other but also our dogs. It was 100% real and got a laugh from our guests and I think helped set the tone for a really fun evening. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out these tips from a vow expert and consider consulting with a professional vow writer. 

Out of town guests can make better (and cheaper) travel plansWhile you want to stay true to your guest count, maybe there were a few important guests who live out of town or overseas who couldn’t make the timeline work. With more time to plan travel and companies offering some major deals, those special guests may find a way to attend your wedding at its new date! 

Catch up with your inviteesWeddings are a great time to get all of your friends and family together. But, it’s not exactly the ideal time to catch up. If you were thinking about sending out a wedding postponement announcement, consider a phone call or FaceTime instead. You’ll have way more time to connect and catch up than you would have at your wedding reception and you’ll be even more excited when you get to see them day-of! 

Give your guests something to look forward toAfter being stuck in the house for who knows how many weeks or months, I think everyone could use something to look forward to! When your wedding guests learn your new date they will be eager to add it to their calendar and start planning their wedding guest attire. By the time your new wedding date arrives, people will be eager to celebrate not only your marriage but also the fact that people can be together again! The level of excitement, celebration and party-vibe will be at an all time high. 

Are you eloping or having a micro wedding now and are planning a reception later?Maybe you’re relieved to change plans because you and your fiance always wanted to elope! Why not say “I do” just the two of you on your chosen wedding date but still throw an amazing party later? (And don’t forget to check out our tips on what to wear for your micro wedding.) Here are some benefits to keeping your original wedding date and getting hitched with only your officiant present… six feet away, of course. 

Enjoy the moment just the two of youWhile your wedding day is about the love between two people joining in marriage, the newly married couple never actually get to spend that much time together during all the festivities. With an elopement ceremony or micro wedding you’ll get a lot more time together which will make the day extra special. 

Choreograph your wedding reception danceOkay, maybe you aren’t planning to bust out your favorite boy band dance moves and surprise your guests. But, even taking the time to practice and plan out your first dance is important and often overlooked. Try an online tutorial or record yourself dancing to your song and find ways to add some dips and spins to wow your guests. 

Spend time with your pet on your wedding dayDid your original ceremony location not allow dogs? Had you always imagined your furry lifemate in your wedding photos? With an intimate ceremony you have more freedom to bring along your best fur friend. Check out our tips on how to tastefully include your dog in your wedding day

We know that postponing a wedding isn’t easy, but we hope you can find some silver linings to postponing a wedding at this time. You’ve made a choice to keep your friends and family safe and we know they appreciate you for it. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, contact us if we can help in any way!

Katy Eriks
Katy Eriks

Katy Eriks started out as one of SuitShop's first brides. Having experienced SuitShop as a customer first, Katy brings valuable perspective to customer car...

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