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Clean up nice and show off your personality with trendy-yet-timeless and always affordable prom suits and tuxedos. Arrive in style to your prom or homecoming dance with these cool and classic suits.

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Men's Shawl Lapel Black Tuxedo

Men's Shawl Lapel Black Tuxedo


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Designed for a range of body types, available in a vast array of sizes.

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Made for All

Designed for a range of body types, available in a vast array of sizes.

Straight-Away Shipping

No waiting for an event date. Arrives 7-10 business days from placing order.

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From prom trends to traditional prom outfits, getting what suits you for high school's biggest night has never been easier. Our men's and women's formal wear, suits, tuxes, and accessories are ready for prom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get ready for your big night with our expansive collection of prom suits and prom tuxedos. For prom dress codes, any of our formal suits are a great fit. While the color and styling are up to your personal style, there are a few helpful guidelines to keep in mind.

At SuitShop, we have modern and slim fit suits for prom in a wide range of colors that can create a classic or contemporary look. Stick to tradition with a black suit or men's navy suit to embody elegance and never go out of style. Or, stand out on the dance floor with a burnt orange suit or burgundy suit that highlights your bold style.

Other prom suit ideas include our fan-favorite tan suits and light blue suits that bring warmth and a laid-back feel to one of high school's biggest nights while still landing the prom vibe.

Prom suits and prom tuxedos are the two most popular prom style options to choose from but have several key differences in terms of style and formality. Overall, a prom tux is a more formal choice, as its signature characteristics include luxury features like satin or silk-faced lapels to create a more upscale and elevated aesthetic. Prom suits are still traditional and more versatile, composed of a standard suit jacket and dress pants that can both be dressed up or down.

Ultimately, the choice between a prom tuxedo and a suit for prom depends on personal style and the formality of your prom dress code. Either way, you can show your style with your color choice, dress shirt, shoes and accessories. At SuitShop, you can find prom suits for men and women, as well as men's tuxedos and women's tuxedos in multiple lengths and an inclusive size range.

Show up with confidence on your prom night with a prom pantsuit to serve refinement and unique, cool style. Women's blazers and pantsuits are a less expected, perfect choice for girls looking to highlight their style on prom night. With women's tuxedos and tailored suits trending on red carpets, rocking women's suiting is a great way to be both in fashion and comfortable in your formal look.

From a classic white tuxedo jacket to a modern textured gray blazer or ethereal dark green suit jacket, we carry a wide range of blazers for girls to wear to prom, either with a dress or to complete our matching women's suit sets.

When shopping for a prom suit or prom tuxedo, the choice between renting or buying may guide your decision. While renting was once the standard for events like prom since it can be cost-effective for those planning to wear their suit only once, owning your prom suit is a comparable and even better option. At SuitShop, you can buy your suit with pricing that is similar to or more affordable than renting plus all the added benefits of owning a suit.

This way, you get a brand-new suit, there's no hassle with returning your suit, you don't have to wait until right before prom to receive and try on your suit, and you can even tailor your suit to make your already-great fit even more perfect for you. Owning also allows you to repurpose your prom suit for future occasions like sports banquets, weddings, and graduations, as well as to wear beyond high school to college, interviews, or work.

There are several key considerations to make when styling your suit for prom. Against the backdrop of your prom tux or suit, choose a dress shirt that complements the hues of your jacket and pants. While you can never go wrong with a crisp, white button-up, you can add a touch of personality, dress for a trend, or match your date with a patterned dress shirt with stripes, florals, or checks. When it comes to footwear, choose dress shoes that match your belt and aesthetic—from oxfords to loafers or sneakers—to bring your ensemble together.

The accessories you wear for prom are also key to styling your suit, making it easy to create a personalized look, whatever your prom style. Ties or bow ties and pocket squares can be a fun way to add a pop of color to your prom suit, while cufflinks and tie bars elevate your prom night outfit to new heights.

Ensuring the proper fit is crucial—it'll have the biggest impact on your overall look and let you enjoy the dance floor and pictures in comfort. To start, the length of your suit sleeves should rest near the tops of your wrists, allowing your dress shirt to peek out slightly underneath. The body of your prom suit should cover at least the top of your seat, with the jacket resting comfortably on your shoulders to achieve a clean silhouette. Your prom suit pants should hug your waist without being too tight or too loose so that there is no pulling nor extra fabric. Once your suit pants are hemmed, the bottom should sit around the top of your shoes, depending on your preferred pant break.

To achieve a close-to-custom fit, refer to our easy-to-use Fit Finder, which allows you to find an accurate fitting recommendation right at home. You can also reference our how-to hub, which details how your prom suit should fit so you can get your best match.

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Arrive in style to your prom or homecoming dance with a suit from SuitShop. Our timeless and affordable prom suits and tuxedos are ready to help you display your personal style on one of the most important nights of high school. Shop our men's and women's formal wear and accessories for prom today.