Grant McNamara

Grant McNamara gets wedding fashion better than most guys. He's been in, and produced, dozens of photoshoots for fashion, style and weddings. He's dressed athletes and celebrities, but nothing is more exciting to him than helping guys out on their wedding day.

He believes that the groom deserves the same attention—and attention-to-detail—that the bride receives. That's why he started Wedding GPS, Groom’s Personal Stylist. Wedding GPS shows up on your wedding day and helps all the guys get dressed and look perfect. Not only that, GPS works with you ahead of time to create the perfect wedding outfit, and helps you with all the details like coordinating your accessories and providing useful tips throughout your engagement.

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    Can I wear a colored or patterned shirt on my wedding day instead of a white dress shirt?

    by Grant McNamara    April 3, 2020