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Luis Gramajo and Hans Schrei, Co-founders, Wunderkeks with cartoon characters

Suited for Success: Luis Gramajo and Hans Schrei, Co-founders, Wunderkeks

We sat down with Wunderkeks founders, Hans Schrei and Luis Gramajo, to talk all things entrepreneurship, inspiration, having a mission, and being a safe space--oh yeah, and cookies.

Sally Osborne buttoning her double breasted light blue suit jacket for her wedding.

The Perfect Fit: Sally Osborne on Dressing the Part and Her Journey to True Self-Expression

Sal Osborne, star of the new Hulu docuseries Mormon No More, tells the story of the relationship between her clothing and her sense of self--and its evolution.

Suited for Success: Tim Chan, Co-founder, So Gay Rosé

So Gay Rosé co-founder Tim Chan dives into LGBTQ+ brand impact, entrepreneurship, and his inspiration and goals.

Pride flag elopement photoshoot

Celebrate Pride with Inclusivity

LGBTQ+ inclusivity expert and wedding industry pro Maria (Mo) Palladino (she/they) shares their experience and 10 actionable tips for businesses and individuals to be authentically inclusive.

What to Wear to A South Asian Wedding

Style-Guide: What to Wear to South Asian Weddings

Breaking down the go-to guest outfits for Indian and South Asain weddings. From traditional styles like sarees and anarkalis to colors and accessories, we’ll prep you to be the best dressed guest.

Rustic Lithuanian Wedding. Pictured: Couple practicing salt, bread, and vodka tradition.

 How to Bring Eastern European Traditions into Your American Wedding

Learn how descendants and immigrants from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, and many other Eastern European countries incorporate the Old Continent practices in their Western weddings.

Co-founder Jeanne and daughter Frankie headed to the polls in style for the 2020 election!

Mother's Day Wisdom from the Working Moms of SuitShop

In honor of Mother’s Day, we sat down to get insight and advice from the mothers on our team. These seemingly tireless multitaskers give us the ins and outs on what their experiences look like and how exactly they get it all done.

Women's White Tuxedo on Good Morning America

GMA-Approved: SuitShop’s Women’s White Tuxedo Makes National News as Non-Traditional and Budget-Saving Style Pick

Featured on Good Morning America, the SuitShop Women’s White Tuxedo is stylish, affordable, and has proved perfect for courthouse nuptial ensembles, alternative altar apparel, statement gala looks, and more.

men's capsule wardrobe how to

Creating the Perfect Menswear Capsule Wardrobe: An Easy Guide

Simplify your life, hone your personal style, and be eco-conscious all at once. Building your own capsule wardrobe takes the guesswork out of getting dressed, and this is your easier-than-ever key to getting started.

the big fake wedding real couples

SuitShop teams up with The Big Fake Wedding as the National Suiting Sponsor/Partner

See how SuitShop looks at the altar and on the dance floor, check out fabric swatches and collection colors, and stop by to chat and ask all your suiting questions. And do it all while leaning into The Big Fake Wedding festivities.

9 Prom Style Alternatives if You Hate Traditional Prom Dresses

2022 is the year to embrace your distinct style and unleash your inventive side.  Whether that means wearing skirts (not just for women!) or sporting a suit or tuxedo (not just for men!), fashion is gender-fluid and dynamic, and we’re here to prove just that.

Prom Shopping Guide: 5 Things Every Prom-Goer Should Know

Prom shopping can be overwhelming between transportation, dinner, an outfit, a corsage or boutonniere, and hair and makeup. These 5 tips are here to make it simple.