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how to get wrinkles out of a suit

How To Take Care Of Your Suit And Make It Last

Wondering how often to dry clean your suit? Or how to clean your suit in general? We've got some great tips for suiting maintenance so you're sure to wear your suit again and again.

How much to spend on an engagement ring

How Much To Spend On An Engagement Ring

Are you wondering, how much should you spend on an engagement ring? The experts at Ritani are here to answer how much engagement rings cost and how to save money.

order a great fitting suit at home

Let Us Help You Get Suited Up From Home

We encourage customers to take advantage of our online services that allow you to find a great fit in the comfort of your own home including virtual appointments and a free home trial.

why are my jacket pockets sewn shut

How To Properly Cut & Remove Pocket Stitching On A New Suit?

Tack Stitching is when the pockets and vents of your garment are sewn together to keep the shape of your suit during shipping and should only remain on your suit until the day you decide to wear it.

Trending 2020 Fall Wedding Colors

Trending 2020 Fall Wedding Colors

With weddings being postponed until fall, you may consider updating your wedding colors to match the new season. Trending 2020 fall wedding colors include antique blue, gold, dark red, and silver.

womens tuxedo

Can I wear a veil with my women's tuxedo?

Trends for veils paired with women’s pant suits and wedding tuxedos for women.

wedding shoes for men

Wedding Shoe and Sock Style For Men

Our guide to wedding shoes for men will coordinate your feet according to your suit or tuxedo style and select the best wedding socks to make a statement!

wedding invitations

What dress code should I specify on my wedding invitations?

Designing your wedding invitations and not sure if you need to include a dress code? We break down the different terms to note attire on your wedding invitations to help you plan for your big day!

how to have a sustainable wedding

The Importance of Sustainability in Retail

Retail brands are shifting their focus on sustainability initiatives in an effort to reduce the global environmental impact that they have. At TGS, we focus on building a reliable resource for our customers while operating with full transparency.

how to find wedding venues

Tips For Finding a Unique Venue For Your 2021 Wedding

Searching for wedding venues is a great way to kick off your wedding planning and now is the perfect time to book or reschedule your 2020 or 2021 wedding venue.

navy blue tuxedo

How to style a navy blue tuxedo?

Thinking of wearing a navy blue tuxedo for your wedding? Our stylist gives tips on tuxedo accessories and how to style your groomsmen.

how to plan your wedding during quarantine

Special Offers To Take Advantage Of While Wedding Planning At Home

At home planning your wedding and wondering how to save money on a wedding? There are a TON of special offers to take advantage of from your favorite wedding brands!