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Wedding Socks For Groomsmen

Groom Style Guide: Put Your Best Foot Forward In These Fun Wedding Socks

Our new wedding socks make great groomsmen gifts and will add the perfect personal touch to your wedding style!

spring wedding color palette

2018 Spring Wedding Color Trends And Men's Wedding Attire

The arrival of the spring weddings colors is here! Considering suiting options when selecting your color palette go hand in hand with choosing the bridesmaid dresses. The stylists at Suit Shop have created this guide to coordinating suiting with wedding color combinations trending this spring that will make you want to say “I do.”

Spring Wedding Ideas: Groom Boutonniere

2018 Spring Wedding Colors And Boutonniere Flower Ideas For Your Groomsmen

There are many options when it comes to wedding colors and flowers. Here are some simple and beautiful ways you can incorporate popular spring wedding colors in your groomsmen’s boutonnieres and bridesmaid’s bouquets. 

Ultra Violet Wedding Ideas: Groomsmen Accessories

Accessorizing With Ultra Violet: How To Use The 2018 Color Of The Year In Your Wedding

The key to using Ultra-Violet in your wedding pallet is keeping it in the details. Think small, but intentionally placed pops of color—embroidered on the trim of a pocket handkerchief, the focal point of the boutonniere, or even in a pair of suspenders are all subtle, yet striking, ways to make this year’s crème de la color really stand out.

Groomsman Guide: How To Fold A Suit In A Suitcase

How to Fold a Suit in a Suitcase

Traveling to a wedding? How the heck can a suit be folded so it’s not a wrinkled mess? Here are eight simple steps to folding and packing your wedding suit like a professional jet-setter.

Wedding Planning Tips For Grooms

Wedding Planning Tips For Grooms: Six Ways You Can Help Your Bride Plan

Wedding planning should be a full-blown team effort. As the groom, there is actually a lot you can help with. Here is a helpful wedding checklist of six things you can easily do that will help your fiancee tremendously.

Best Man Speech Tips and Best Man Speech Examples

Tips for Writing a Killer Best Man Speech

Congratulations on being the best man! You now have one of the most important responsibilities when it comes to your best bud’s wedding. You must give a memorable best man speech that is both funny and heartfelt. SuitShop is here to help and enlisted two experts to share tips to writing an amazing best man speech that will become a fond memory for the married couple. 

The Groomsman Suit_Holiday Proposal Tips

Simple Tips For The Perfect Holiday Proposal

For anyone in a serious relationship this time of year, it’s also what we like to call engagement season! Yes, the joyous atmosphere, decorations, gathering of family and friends make the holidays an ideal time to propose. So, if you have the ring and the day picked out here are some extra tips to help you make this holiday proposal one to remember.

The Groomsman Guide_Men's Undershirts For Weddings

Undershirts For Men: A Groomsman Guide On How To Wear An Undershirt With A Suit Or Tuxedo

Wearing the right undershirt can really make a difference in your suited look. These simple tips will have you looking your best on your special day. Learn more now!

The Groomsman Suit Blue Wedding Suit

Unique Weddings With Mayflower Venues and The Groomsman Suit

Like your venue, your groom's and groomsmen wedding style will ensure your wedding day will be one of a kind. Read our groomsman tips to ensure your wedding party style matches your one-of-a-kind wedding venue.

Men's wedding accessories_ how to wear tie bars with wedding suits

Men's Wedding Accessories: How To Place a Tie Bar

Once you’ve found an amazing wedding suit, it is important to select accessories that are appropriate for the look and the occasion. Add a bit of style with a tie bar.

How to place and pin your wedding boutonniere for men.

How to Pin a Boutonniere: Perfect Placement in 3 Easy Steps

Follow our three easy steps to pinning a boutonniere. Knowing how to pin a boutonniere will make you a hero on the wedding day and ensure beautiful wedding photos!