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The Groomsman Guide_Men's Undershirts For Weddings

Undershirts For Men: A Groomsman Guide On How To Wear An Undershirt With A Suit Or Tuxedo

Wearing the right undershirt can really make a difference in your suited look. These simple tips will have you looking your best on your special day. Learn more now!

The Groomsman Suit Blue Wedding Suit

Unique Weddings With Mayflower Venues and The Groomsman Suit

Like your venue, your groom's and groomsmen wedding style will ensure your wedding day will be one of a kind. Read our groomsman tips to ensure your wedding party style matches your one-of-a-kind wedding venue.

Men's wedding accessories_ how to wear tie bars with wedding suits

Men's Wedding Accessories: How To Place a Tie Bar

Once you’ve found an amazing wedding suit, it is important to select accessories that are appropriate for the look and the occasion. Add a bit of style with a tie bar.

How to place and pin your wedding boutonniere for men.

How to Pin a Boutonniere: Perfect Placement in 3 Easy Steps

Follow our three easy steps to pinning a boutonniere. Knowing how to pin a boutonniere will make you a hero on the wedding day and ensure beautiful wedding photos!

blue suit brown shoes brown or black shoes with navy suit

The Brown Vs. Black Shoe Debate With Navy Suiting

The whole brown vs black shoes and belt can get confusing sometimes. Check out these tips of how to decide which color shoes will match your event. Learn more now!

Fall Wedding Colors_gray and navy

Fall Color Trends in Men's Wedding Attire

Picking your color palette is one of the first steps in planning your wedding. Suiting for the groom, groomsmen and bridesmen should be considering right along with the original design of wedding colors and style.

how to tie a bow tie

How To Tie a Bow Tie

As part of SuitShop's commitment to helping grooms, groomsmen and bridesmen look and feel their best, they created this step by step guide to tying your own bow tie. With a little practice, you will be an expert!

Wedding Suits_Kam Chancellor

Kam Chancellor suits up his squad with The Groomsman Suit

NFL's Kam Chancellor chose The Groomsman Suit, an up-and-coming online brand dedicated to helping guys look sharp for weddings, for his groomsmen.

Buy your wedding tuxedo so you never have to rent a tuxedo for men again!

Buy your tuxedo so you never have to rent again!

See how much you can save by getting your own tux. Why rent when you can get your very own tux tailored to you for all your special events for the same price.

answer how should a suit fit with Five Steps to Finding a Great Fitting Suit

Five Steps to Finding a Great Fitting Suit

The key to getting suited up can be broken down to five steps: shoulder fit, jacket length, jacket closure, pant fit and pant length. You nail these and you’ve found an excellent fit.

gray wedding suits for men

Chris and Michele's Spring Florida Wedding. See our textured gray suits in action!

Chris and Michele gifted us with this incredible video from their gorgeous Florida wedding this spring. We loved their wedding style! The Groomsman Suit's gray wedding suit is amazing photos.

How to wear suspenders

How to Style Wedding Suspenders

Wedding suspenders are a fun touch to make your groom & groomsmen stand out from the crowd on the big day. Read our guide on how to style wedding day suspenders.