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What tie should the groom wear on his wedding day?

What Color Tie Should the Groom Wear to Stand Out From the Groomsmen?

Picking a tie for the groom doesn't have to be difficult. Finding something that stands out among the groomsman is important. Learn more today at The Groomsman Suit.

grey suit green bridesmaids dress

What color suit goes with dark green bridesmaids dresses?

Looking for a suit that goes with dark green bridesmaid dresses? Check out some of our top recommendations from black tie to semi formal weddings. Learn more today!

Best footwear for beach weddings

Barefoot at a beach wedding?

What is the best footwear for a beach wedding? Our men's wedding stylist gives tips for grooms going barefoot and beach wedding attire for men.

How grooms can stand out with a different tie

How can I stand out with my tie on the wedding day?

My groomsmen and I would like to wear bow ties. Do you have tips on what I can do to make sure that everyone knows I am the groom?

Best shoes to wear with your black tuxedo

Brown Shoes with a Black Tuxedo?

Can I wear brown leather dress shoes with a black tuxedo? Typically, it is not acceptable to wear brown shoes with a black tuxedo.

Tips for wearing a pocket square with your wedding suit or tuxedo

Do I have to wear a pocket square?

Is a pocket square required when wearing a suit? A pocket square is not required when wearing a suit or tuxedo but is a nice accessory.

lapel pins for grooms

Wedding boutonniere alternative?

Not a fan of flower boutonnieres for grooms for your wedding day look? Ask your wedding florist to make the boutonniere small so it doesn't flop around on your lapel and consider a men's lapel pin instead.