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women's wedding suit

Gray Suit for Bridesmaids Look?

The groomsmen will be wearing SuitShop's Textured Gray suiting and I am considering the Women's Light Gray suiting for our groomsmaids.  I am stumped on what color gowns the bridesmaids should wear. 

women's white tuxedo

Women's White Tuxedo for Brunch Wedding?

I love the SuitShop's Women's White Tuxedo and it would be a perfect look for our outdoor brunch wedding. It is not planned to be a Black-Tie affair but can I still wear a tuxedo?

Fun socks for wedding day

Classic vs. Fun Sock for the Wedding Day?

What type of socks should I wear for the wedding day? Should I wear a plain sock or a fun patterned sock? If you decide to keep it simple opt for a sock that either matches the navy blue suit that you will be wearing or the shoes that you will be wearing.

Winter Wedding Couple

Winter Wedding Etiquette for Grooms?

It may be snowing on the wedding day and I want to determine if I need to wear a coat. My fiancee will be wearing a fur stole over her gown but I am unsure of the etiquette for the groom. Should I also wear outerwear? There is really no right or wrong answer on whether you should wear an overcoat on your wedding day.

Lapel Pin or boutonniere

Boutonniere When Wearing a Lapel Pin?

When wearing a lapel pin with your wedding suit or tuxedo, it should always be worn on its own and never combined with a boutonniere. It is an either-or situation, but certainly not both.

Groomsmen Attire

Who Pays for Groomsmen Attire?

Does each groomsman pay for their own attire? It is customary that each groomsman is responsible for the cost associated with purchasing the outfit. If you have a budget to cover the cost of the look for your guys, then you should gift your guys with their suit or tuxedo and complementary shoes and accessories.

Groom in bold color

Different Look for the Groom?

I want to step out of the box and do something different for my look. I always envisioned that I would wear a bright or bold color on my wedding day because I like to have fun with my style. Is this acceptable? It's OK for you to look different but you all should at least look like you are going to the same party!

wedding day shave

How to Choose the Right Haircut for Your Wedding

How much in advance of the wedding I should get my hair cut and shave? Planning a wedding isn’t always easy, but choosing the right haircut and shave can be. You just have to make sure you know how to do it right. Here’s how.

black suit brown shoes

Brown Shoes with a Black Suit?

My groomsmen and I will be wearing the Classic Black Suit. I really had my mind set on wearing brown shoes for the wedding day. Is this possible? There are a couple of key things to consider when wearing brown shoes with a black suit. The first thing to consider is the shade of brown. The second is accessories.

Patterned tie with wedding suit

Patterned Tie with Wedding Suit?

When selecting a necktie other than a solid necktie for the wedding day, the key is to select one that says "special occasion." Consider a necktie with a pin dot or floral print pattern.

Groomsman and best men

Can I Have Two Best Men?

Can I have two best men? The most important thing to remember is that your wedding day is literally YOUR day. Which means anything is open for consideration as long as you and your fiancee agree on it. That being said, if you want to have two best men, go for it!

Groomsman proposal ideas

How to Propose to My Groomsmen?

What's the best way to ask them? Consider inviting them for pool and present them with a small gift. There are a lot of fun personalized gifts available nowadays or card and a small gift. Personalized gift options include beer and whiskey labels, flasks and shot glasses, socks, or cigars.