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Brilliant Blue Suiting by The Groomsman Suit

When to Take Off Suit Jacket?

I am getting married next month in Washington D.C. and it is likely going to be so hot! I am just wondering when I can take off the jacket during the wedding day. Keep the jacket until after the first dance, mother-son dance and toasts are done. You could also consider wearing the 3-piece version to the suit.

Grooms A Professional Stylist's Guide to Wedding Day Apparel

Books for Grooms?

I was wondering if there are any books that you would recommend for grooms? Pick up Stuff Every Groom Should Know by Eric San Juan. Another, book that I recommend is The Everything Groom Book: A Survival Guide for Men! by Shelly Hagan. Grooms: A Professional Stylist's Guide to Wedding Apparel for Every Budget.

what should the ring bearer wear at a wedding

Ring Bearer Button Rules?

Button rules for ring bearers? My son is wearing the Textured Gray Boy's Suit, the 3-piece version. I am trying to figure out if the jacket and vest should both be buttoned. For the suit jacket, follow the Always Never Button Rule. ALWAYS fasten the top button and NEVER fasten the bottom button of a two-button suit.

Shoes to wear with women's tuxedo

Fun Shoes for Women's Tuxedo?

I love shoes and would love to wear a cool high heel that might be unexpected for the wedding day but still tasteful. Is there anything that you would recommend? Wearing the Ivory Women’s Tuxedo provides lots of options for a feature shoe.

Pocket watch for wedding day

Pocket Watch for Wedding Day?

Pocket watch for the wedding day? Is there a way for me to wear a pocket watch on my wedding day or are pocket watches not popular anymore? You can most certainly use the antique pocket watch for your wedding day look!

two grooms black tie wedding style

Groom & Groom Black-Tie Wedding Style?

Groom & Groom Black-Tie Wedding Style? You are not obligated to both wear the same tuxedo, unless you want to. In fact, we recommend that you both choose looks that are representative of your individual styles and personalities.

women's tuxedos

Bride & Bride Elopement Style?

Bride & Bride Wedding Style? When choosing between a suit or tuxedo for the wedding day, we typically tell couples to consider the level of formality of the event first. A tuxedo is more formal and befitting for a cathedral wedding.

black tie wedding tuxedo

Black-Tie Wedding Guest Attire?

Black-tie Wedding Attire? Wear a black or midnight blue tuxedo. For a Black-Tie wedding, black and midnight blue tuxes are most appropriate. If you must wear another color, try to keep it as dark as possible. Wear black patent leather, leather, or velvet oxford or loafer shoes.

Lebron James Thom Browne Shorts Suit

Short Suits for Weddings?

One great way to try the Lebron James shorts suit look for the wedding day is to purchase the SuitShop Charcoal Gray jacket and trousers. Take the trousers to your local tailor to have them professionally cut into shorts.

mens jewelry for wedding

Men's Jewelry for the Wedding Day?

Can I wear jewelry for the wedding day? For a more formal wedding, you could opt to accessorize with metals like gold, silver, and bronze - whatever your wedding accents metals will be.

no tie wedding day look

No tie for the wedding day?

The fact that you're considering not wearing a tie is already a statement that you want a more relaxed look and hopefully that is in keeping with the level of formality of the event. Since you will not be wearing ties, the fit of your suits and shirts will be key to ensuring that the look is dressy enough for wedding.

wedding suits for women

Options for Groomsmaid Styling?

My sister is my best friend and I would like her to be on my side of the wedding party rather than with the bridesmaids.  She is pretty petite and I am not certain that she would be open to wearing men’s suiting.  Any suggestions?