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spring wedding color palettes

3 Spring Wedding Color Trends for 2019

New year, new hues! Spring weddings will be here before you know it, and this year brings a range of rosy and soft hues anchored by elegant greens and neutrals that embrace the liveliness of the season. All together, these color schemes have an organic, romantic presentation that can be bold or muted, aligning with a range of wedding styles.

Men in black suits bridesmaids in coral dresses pantone color of the year

Accessorizing with Coral: How To Use The 2019 Color Of The Year In Your Wedding

Coral, with its lighthearted and vivid color, is best for couples who want to infuse their wedding-day look with energy and a hint of playfulness. Like any bright pop of color, Coral is most effective in the details. If you intentionally place it, it’ll enhance your outfit without distracting from it. Here are a few ways to creatively incorporate the color of the year into your wedding.

how to wear knit ties with your wedding attire for men

Knit Ties: Everything You Need to Know

Color and print are two classic ways to make your tie — and your whole look — stand out on your wedding day. One thing we’re seeing more and more grooms doing is take that idea a step further and making texture a defining element of their looks. One of the best ways to do that is by swapping out the microfiber tie for something with a little more eye-catching. 

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Unique Halloween Wedding Ideas For Men

If you and your bride are mega fans of jack-o-lanterns and all things spooky, we’ve got good news for you. Not only is it possible to incorporate Halloween into your wedding day. You can even make it elegant. Here’s how to do Halloween wedding style right.

Winter Wedding Style Tips For Men

Men's Winter Wedding Attire: Style Guide & Tips

Check out our winter guide for men's wedding attire inspiration. Embrace the cold with complementary winter colors, textures, accessories, & more!

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Fall 2018 Wedding Trends

Fall is a great season for your big day. You get the benefit of cooler days and a unique and romantic scenery. Plus, there are endless opportunities to make your style and wedding decor stand out. When considering a fall wedding, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Men's New York Fashion Week 2018 Trends from the Runway

Men's NYFW Trends from the Runway

We love wedding style and all its details. Coats, button-downs and bow ties rock our world, but we recognize there’s more to men’s fashion than wedding suiting and tuxedos. We saw some innovative and downright impressive looks come down the runway at New York Fashion Week: Men’s recently. In three days, designers took familiar styles, patterns, and aesthetics and reworked them into fresh looks for 2018. Here are a few fashion trends to note if you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe and ways to incorporate them into your wedding style.

Groomsmen in grey wedding suits

5 Reasons to Pick Grey Groomsmen Suits

When you’re thinking of the best way to help your groomsmen and bridesmen stand out on your big day, there are no doubt several ways to do it. Here are a few reasons why gray may be the best look for your wedding party.

Men's Wedding Style Guide For Grooms

Destination Wedding Attire for Men

Just because destination weddings have a dress-down reputation doesn’t mean you have to be casual. Check out our complete guide to men's destination wedding style for grooms, groomsmen and bridesmen.

spring wedding color palette

2018 Spring Wedding Color Trends And Men's Wedding Attire

The arrival of the spring weddings colors is here! Considering suiting options when selecting your color palette go hand in hand with choosing the bridesmaid dresses. The stylists at Suit Shop have created this guide to coordinating suiting with wedding color combinations trending this spring that will make you want to say “I do.”

Spring Wedding Ideas: Groom Boutonniere

2018 Spring Wedding Colors And Boutonniere Flower Ideas For Your Groomsmen

There are many options when it comes to wedding colors and flowers. Here are some simple and beautiful ways you can incorporate popular spring wedding colors in your groomsmen’s boutonnieres and bridesmaid’s bouquets. 

Ultra Violet Wedding Ideas: Groomsmen Accessories

Accessorizing With Ultra Violet: How To Use The 2018 Color Of The Year In Your Wedding

The key to using Ultra-Violet in your wedding pallet is keeping it in the details. Think small, but intentionally placed pops of color—embroidered on the trim of a pocket handkerchief, the focal point of the boutonniere, or even in a pair of suspenders are all subtle, yet striking, ways to make this year’s crème de la color really stand out.