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Chicago Bachelor Party Ideas

Chicago Bachelor Party Ideas

Need bachelor party ideas in Chicago? With so much to do, we’ve listed our top Chicago bachelor party ideas to help you plan a fun weekend!

Halloween tuxedo ideas

How to wear your tuxedo for Halloween

Looking for a last minute Halloween ideas? Here are some tips for turning that tuxedo in your closet into the ultimate Halloween costume!

Gray Groom's Suit

Should the Groom Wear a Second Look?

Is it mandatory that I also have a second look for the wedding day? It is not mandatory that you also wear a second look. As a general rule, I like to suggest that the number of looks that the groom has for the wedding day should be less than or equal to the number of the bride's looks.

mother son dance wedding

What Should the Mother of the Groom Wear?

Your mom should select a gown that is appropriate for the occasion and that she feels comfortable wearing. You and your bride-to-be can provide her with some guidance regarding color or style, but ultimately let her make the decision.

Groom Essentials

How to Select a Signature Scent for the Wedding Day

Your wedding day is the perfect time to select a special cologne! Consider using details of your wedding to help you select the best fragrance.

Winter Wedding Style Ideas for 2019

2019 Winter Wedding Style Ideas

Looking for winter wedding style ideas? Cold weather celebrations bring on many fun opportunities to accessorize your wedding style.

New Year's Eve Wedding Style

New Year's Eve Wedding Style For Men

What to wear to a New Year’s Eve wedding? Here are tips to be classically dapper and how to add some flair to ring in the new year.

wedding sunglasses

Can I Wear Sunglasses with My Wedding Day Look?

I am getting married next month at a golf club / resort in Phoenix, AZ and I was wondering if it would be appropriate to wear my favorite sunglasses for the big day? Even if you will be getting married outdoors on the actual golf course or surroundings, do not wear your sunglasses during the ceremony.

ring bearers and flower girls

How to Select Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Looks?

How should we style the ring bearers and flower girls? For styling their looks, the ring bearers could have a similar suiting look as the groomsmen, and the flower girls can have similar gowns as the bridesmaids. Alternatively, the ring bearers and flower girls can have similar looks as the bride and groom.

boutonniere on shawl lapel

How Do You Place a Boutonniere on a Shawl Lapel Tuxedo Jacket?

Where should I put the boutonniere on a shawl lapel tuxedo? For the shawl lapel you will need to place the boutonniere on the lapel about half the distance between the base of shirt collar and the top of your left jacket pocket.

men's slim dress pants

How Can I Achieve a Slim Tapered Pant Look?

I really like the look of slim pants and loafers with no socks. How do I achieve this look? Purchase an extra slim fit pant and have them tailored a with no pant break. If you can't locate an extra slim fit pant, you can purchase slim fit pants and have them altered at your local tailor to be slimmer in the leg.

when should I order my wedding suit

When Should I Order My Wedding Day Look?

I am getting married in March of 2020 and want to begin getting the looks for me and my groomsmen organized. Is it too early to purchase our looks now? Typically the groom and his attendants will pick their looks after the bride's side has to make sure they are selecting looks that are complementary.