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Charcoal gray is this year’s most popular wedding color. It is the best wedding suit color for grooms and groomsmen.

Charcoal Gray: 2019’s Most Versatile Wedding Color

Looking for the latest wedding color trend? Charcoal gray is the top color trend for 2020 weddings and the perfect shade of gray for wedding suits.

Five wedding day tips to help grooms feel their best

Wedding Day Prep Tips for Grooms

Have the wedding day jitters? Here are tips for grooms to stay calm and relaxed on their wedding day.

What do you need to pack for a wedding? Here is the ultimate wedding day packing list.

The Ultimate Wedding Day Packing List for Grooms

Prep stress-free with our Ultimate Wedding Day Packing List for Grooms! From cash tips to the rings, we've got you covered for wedding day packing & prep!

SuitShop’s free home suit trial is the best wedding planning resource to take advantage of.

Why Home Trials Are The Best Wedding Planning Resources

Wedding planning doesn’t have to be inconvenient and expensive. These wedding home trials help engage couples plan their wedding from home.

wedding suits for women

Options for Groomsmaid Styling?

My sister is my best friend and I would like her to be on my side of the wedding party rather than with the bridesmaids.  She is pretty petite and I am not certain that she would be open to wearing men’s suiting.  Any suggestions?

Blue wedding party dresses and suits

How To Select The Right Blue Suits Based On Bridesmaids Dresses

For the past several years, blue has been an extremely popular wedding color for groomsmen suiting and it continues to be just as popular today! There really is no right or wrong answer but there are certain shades of blue that may be more aesthetically pleasing for your wedding than others, especially when it comes to bridal party wedding photos.

Using these wedding companies are the best way to plan a wedding on a budget.

These Companies Make Wedding Planning Affordable And Easy!

Want to purchase your wedding dress online or shop mens wedding bands online? Meet the best wedding brands to help engaged couples plan a wedding on a budget from home!

Tips for wearing glasses on your wedding day.

Grooms’ Guide: Tips For Wearing Glasses On Your Wedding Day

Want to wear glasses on your wedding day? Check out these tips to finding the best fit, style and type of frames for your wedding day.

Looking for wedding guest attire for a beach wedding or black-tie soiree? Tips on wedding attire for guests based on common dress codes.

DOs and DONTs for Men’s Wedding Guest Attire

Looking for wedding guest attire for a beach wedding or black-tie soiree? Tips on wedding attire for guests based on common dress codes.

What tie should the groom wear on his wedding day?

What Color Tie Should the Groom Wear to Stand Out From the Groomsmen?

Picking a tie for the groom doesn't have to be difficult. Finding something that stands out among the groomsman is important. Learn more today at The Groomsman Suit.

grey suit green bridesmaids dress

What color suit goes with dark green bridesmaids dresses?

Looking for a suit that goes with dark green bridesmaid dresses? Check out some of our top recommendations from black tie to semi formal weddings. Learn more today!

Suits for ring bearers, kids’ Easter suits and boys’ Christmas attire

Holiday Style and Suits for Boys

Need holiday formal wear for kids? Our suits for ring bearers also make for great boys’ Easter suits and kids suits for Christmas.