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wedding trends for grooms

2020 Wedding Trends for Groom Attire

Grooms are taking more ownership in the wedding planning process and this includes showing off their unique personal style. 

winter wedding colors

Winter Wedding Color Palettes for Winter 2020

Whatever the scenario of your wedding this year, we’re here to provide some inspiration on winter wedding colors as you get ready for the big day! 

asking groomsmen gifts

Groomsmen Proposal Gift Ideas

The groomsmen asking gifts should be something small but meaningful. Keep your friends’ interests in mind. From whiskey to tailgate sets get ideas for your asking groomsmen gifts.

suit vests for weddings

Why You Should Add A Suit Vest To Your Wedding Day Look

Wedding suit vests are often overlooked but can make a big impact on the style of your wedding party. Here, we’re listing our top reasons to add a suit vest to your wedding day look.

mens floral ties for weddings

SuitShop + Samantha Santana Floral Ties Are Here!

When we decided to launch our own line of mens floral ties for weddings we teamed up with an amazing designer, Samantha Santana. We’re excited to offer trendy ties for grooms and groomsmen.

wedding diet and fitness tips

Wedding Diet and Fitness Tips Q&A With Coach Lee

Worried about your pre-wedding fitness goals? We understand. It's a big day, you'll be taking a lot of photos, and you want to look your best. We've connected with Team Lee Fit to answer your questions about pre-wedding diets and work-outs!

wedding hashtags

How to Come Up With a Wedding Hashtag

Wedding hashtags are a must so your guests can create instagramable moments for your wedding day. Get wedding hashtag ideas and create the best wedding hashtags for your upcoming wedding!

women's tuxedo

As a woman, men's suits never fit but women's styles don't match my personality. Any advice on how to shop for suiting?

Men's suiting patterns are made for a man's body, if you have curves or a bust you will notice that the suit just doesn't drape correctly. When I tried on a suit from SuitShop for the first time it wasn't overly feminine or masculine, it just FIT.

father of the bride gift ideas

Ideas For Father Of The Bride Gifts

We've curated a list of a variety of ideas for father of the bride gifts just in time for father's day. Check out our gift shop for a gift selection perfect for wedding day and beyond.

how to get wrinkles out of a suit

How To Take Care Of Your Suit And Make It Last

Wondering how often to dry clean your suit? Or how to clean your suit in general? We've got some great tips for suiting maintenance so you're sure to wear your suit again and again.

How much to spend on an engagement ring

How Much To Spend On An Engagement Ring

Are you wondering, how much should you spend on an engagement ring? The experts at Ritani are here to answer how much engagement rings cost and how to save money.

order a great fitting suit at home

Let Us Help You Get Suited Up From Home

We encourage customers to take advantage of our online services that allow you to find a great fit in the comfort of your own home including virtual appointments and a free home trial.