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what is a wedding registry

Unexpected Gifts to Add to Your Wedding Registry

Deciding on what to put on your wedding registry can be overwhelming. Here are some unique wedding gift ideas you can add to your wish list.

what is a bachelor party

Setting Gender Norms Aside, We’re Discussing The Bachlorx Party

There’s a new pre-party in town: the Bachlorx party, the non-gendered pre-wedding party counterpart to the traditional gendered male/female pre-wedding celebration.

At Home Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021

At Home Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021

We asked our instagram followers what their plans were for Valentine's Day 2021 and came up with a list of at home date night ideas for your romantic date night at home.

Tips for Handling Wedding Stress

How To Handle Wedding Planning Stress

Feeling Anxious About Your Special Day?

4 Ways to Prep for Your Engagement Photoshoot

Here are some tips and ideas to help you prep for your engagement photos and help you get the save the date cards of your dreams!

holiday gift ideas for men

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life

Find him the perfect gift this holiday season. Here are a few ideas of gifts that he wont forget and will tell all his friends about including men’s fashion accessories and suits. Learn more now!

vegan wedding tips

How to Plan an Ethical Wedding and Reception

A trend in promoting ethical brands has extended to weddings with factors such as sustainability and strong core values being considerations for brides and grooms read for tips on planning an ethical wedding.

8 Budget-Conscious Tips for Planning a Fab Same-Sex Wedding

8 Budget-Conscious Tips for Planning a Fab Same-Sex Wedding

Weddings cost around $33,900 on average in the US. That amount can just make you want to elope! Take a tip from this list of budget-friendly ways to plan a successful gay wedding.

wedding diet and fitness tips

Wedding Diet and Fitness Tips Q&A With Coach Lee

Worried about your pre-wedding fitness goals? We understand. It's a big day, you'll be taking a lot of photos, and you want to look your best. We've connected with Team Lee Fit to answer your questions about pre-wedding diets and work-outs!

wedding hashtags

How to Come Up With a Wedding Hashtag

Wedding hashtags are a must so your guests can create instagramable moments for your wedding day. Get wedding hashtag ideas and create the best wedding hashtags for your upcoming wedding!

father of the bride gift ideas

Ideas For Father Of The Bride Gifts

We've curated a list of a variety of ideas for father of the bride gifts just in time for father's day. Check out our gift shop for a gift selection perfect for wedding day and beyond.

how to get wrinkles out of a suit

How To Take Care Of Your Suit And Make It Last

Wondering how often to dry clean your suit? Or how to clean your suit in general? We've got some great tips for suiting maintenance so you're sure to wear your suit again and again.